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Sunday, July 24, 2011

One old Pug

Oh my, do I miss my camera.
August 8th will be 3 weeks since I left it at Best Buys for repair.
It is on my calendar.
And a count down is in progress.
16 days!

Anyway, I found two pictures that I took when my camera was working. I've been saving them for a "rainy day". Today is the day.

(Technically, there is not a drop of moisture outside that hasn't been sucked up by extreme humidity and blistering 100 degree heat ... but when your camera is broken and you are a blogger ... it is a rainy day. Trust me on this.)

So here is the back story to this picture.

I visited my grand dogs' vet to buy some dog food. Both are on vet grade dog food. (Grandmothers buy their own equipment and food. It is sort of like a grandmother rule.) Anyway, as I was waiting, an old man came in and dropped a dog bed on the floor in the waiting room. Walking slowly behind him was this old Pug. The Pug seemed to be "seeing" his way with his nose to his bed.

Needless to say, I couldn't just ignore the fact that a very old Pug had just arrived. I was compelled to ask questions. Apparently, Mr. Twizzles is 15 years old. The owner, who was pretty rickety himself, was bringing his dog in for boarding for a week. Mr. Twizzles is both deaf and blind! His nose, however, still works. Once he found his bed, he curled up and settled in.

Now I tell you!!

When my grand dogs are old, they will NEVER EVER come to a strange place to spend a week - especially if they are blind and deaf. NEVER EVER!!

The vet staff assured me that Mr. Twizzles has been here before and that as long as he has his bed (and his food and his bone), he is happy.

So did someone ask him if he was happy? And did he respond? And if he is deaf, would he have even heard the question??? Hmph!

Mr. Twizzles doesn't have a Grandmother - obviously!!

But doesn't that face just melt your heart? I know it melted mine. If I didn't have 3 dogs waiting at home for me that day, Mr. Twizzles would have been boarding with me for that week.

(Technically, my husband who is a cat person probably would have had a problem with that arrangement ... but, well, I know ... if he saw that face ....)


  1. That is one old dog. Poor old baby. Imagine leaving someone that old with strangers for even a minute. Actually, I can't imagine the kennel taking him at that age as anything could happen at any minute. That is a huge responsibility.

  2. You have a soft heart. And who wouldn't for that sweet old pug? I have a grandpuggy who is not nearly that old and he could stay with me for a week. His brother Jack the Beagle could not, however. *shudder*

    I'm sure that Mr. Twizzles' dad needs some time away and I'm so glad, actually, that he brought him to a safe place. Think of the love, care, and attention he will get! Think of it as a four star hotel.

  3. If this is Mr.Twizzles regular vet, then he's probably very happy to be with these 'friends' because they do treat him special. I can't imagine my Angel getting that old but she will and I hurt already knowing how hard it will be. You're a good grandmother. Thanks for sharing a great picture.

  4. Oh bless are a good woman! I love the way pug faces fade to grey as they age. God bless Mr Twizzles as well

  5. Oh, this is such a touching post. I love Mr. Twizzles, what a face. He melted my heart too, no question.

  6. poor mr. twizzles! that face. :(


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