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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gone ...

... but hopefully not forgotten!

I guess I hit a blogging slump. Some days I just write topic after topic, no gaps, no wondering what to write next, no real effort ... and other days (like today), I open my blog and notice - "Yikes, it has been 5 whole fricken' days since I blogged? What gives?"

I have been busy. Blog worthy stuff? I doubt it. But now that you are 6 or 7 sentences into reading, I am going to tell you what I have been busy doing.

Don't leave me now!!
  • My iPad - that darn piece of technology sucks up more of my life minutes than it should. My current game is The Chronicles of Inotia 2. I am a level 34 Warrior and a Priest and a Magician hang with me. Together we fight bad guys and are saving the world - I know you didn't realize I was saving the world, but someday it will be evident! You can thank me later.
  • I have been on a clean-out rampage - again! Last week, we couldn't find the ladder in one of our downstairs closets. The ladder!!! So now we can find the ladder and I can actually step inside the closet. I can now also walk around my computer table. Big improvement. Of course, now that the junk is gone I can see the dust and dirt! *sigh*. I am better at throwing out than I am at cleaning.
  • I am actually knitting again! That is a very good thing in several ways: I am slowing getting back to me. I have not been me for awhile, again something you might not have known since I am a very good actress. And since I haven't stopped buying yarn, using some yarn up is critical to avoiding an "obsession intervention" by those who love me.
  • I am getting yelled at by cops. No ticket! Just a swaggering law enforcement officer who decided to scream at me because I wandered into a work zone - by accident - believe me I did not want to be there. I let him yell, didn't offer an apology (but boy was I sorry!) and just backed out. And he backed his cruiser right along in front of my slow retreating car. Menacing. Was he having a bad day or what.
  • Things break in threes for me. My camera (my new camera - several hundred dollars) is malfunctioning so no pictures. Just annoyance. Maybe I can get it fixed. My new air mattress which is my weekend bed with my grand-dogs (less than 2 weeks old - $200) has a leak! I am really fried about that. Think I will buy a futon. My old Maxima (116,000 miles) needed struts! Do you have any idea how much struts cost on a Maxima? $2,000. For that kind of money, those struts should be external on the car so everyone can see and admire them!
  • Walking? No so much. Curves? Even less. I am trying, really, but my life has been busy.
  • For example, mom is running a fever tonight, probably a UTI - which is very common in the elderly. We started antibiotics this evening, but if we didn't catch this infection in time she will wind up in the hospital tonight with a blood infection! Just like 2 other times in the last 7 months. She can get very sick, very fast! Oh well - my bag is packed for the trip should it occur. I can ride over to the hospital behind the ambulance on my new struts.
So there it is. My life for the last week.

What have you guys been up to? Hope it cost less.

See ya!


  1. Oh have been having a rough time. Ignore the cop. You don't live with him so it's okay. Your threes are over now so hopefully nothing else will go wrong. I will keep fingers and toes crossed that your mom makes it through this fever and doesn't need to go to the hospital. All good wishes your way.

  2. Uh, Farkling. Trying to get some fiction written (it's on my bucket list). Replaced the catalytic converter to stop the d... 'Check Engine For Service' light to go out so that I could get my registration renewed... and created three new recipes to be ultimately posted. And, trying to get advance posts written for auto posting so that I don't have that "OMG, it's been five days..." Sound familiar?

  3. Glad to hear what you are up to and that you are feeling more like yourself. I have been spinning spinning spinning (no surprise there). Hope you have nipped the infection in the bud!

  4. I can remember when we bought a brand new whole car for $2000!! Hope your mom feels better AT HOME soon. Glad to hear you are knitting, that is a Good Sign!

  5. Oh my goodness, you have had a lot going on. I hope your mom will be okay and the hospital trip will not be necessary.

    Yay for knitting again, that's wonderful! And I had to laugh about the clean-up rampage, I've been on the same kind of kick and I'm so happy I finally did it. I threw away so much junk, I had garbage bags everywhere. My dog Clancy was sure I was going to put him in a trash bag next. :D

    Happy weekend to you!

  6. Good grief woman, how can you not blog just to relieve your stress. I'm sitting here alone in my kitchen, laughing so loud at your struts that should be on the outside of your car for all to admire. You can only do what you can do in the amount of time available. Those steps from your car to your front door are exercise! Probably should back off on saving the world with The Chronicles of Inotia, but you know that. I'm not leaving you! Hope your Mom's UTI clears up without a trip to the hospital.

  7. With all of that going on no wonder you haven't been blogging. Everything good here--I can't afford for it not to be.

    Tossing It Out

  8. I have tagged you for a challenge. Hope you have time for it. See "my 7 links" post from today.

  9. life hasn't been easy on my end either. everything's relative if you ask me! here's to hoping we're nearly through with this batch of the bad.


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