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Monday, January 16, 2012

ahhh ... the knitting, the weaving, the yarns

Very very cold at the beach!
January - is just a cold month in my little piece of the world.

But January is the perfect time to handle yarn and wear your furry slippers
... and that is what I did.

First of all, the view ...

The real view ....

Other things that filled our eyes.

Hand woven scarves - all done by my talented cousin, Linda.
Yarn ball winding.
Needle Point - this picture doesn't do justice to the brilliance of the colors.

This is my loom with a brand new project on it - started (shamefully) last May when my cousin visited. That little scarf is almost completed.

Knitting, of course, :-)

Crocheting, too.
Morgan, my cousin's dog. A most beautiful face to match and loving personality.

Talking and hanging out.

Reading - yes that is a yarn pattern book.
Weaving DVD on the TV

Ok, so not everyone thought the DVD was interesting!

And finally my yarn purchase! I saved this until the end.
I can hear those thoughts flooding through your brain
(well, maybe is is just my brain)

"What!! More yarn.
Have you looked in your yarn closet lately?
Have you looked in the baskets all over your floor?
Have you lost your mind?"

To the last question - well, maybe yes. Just a little.
BUT I have reasons in answer to the other questions.

Reason #1
I was at the beach.
This was vacation yarn.
All fiber artists know that vacation yarn doesn't count.

Reason #2
That yarn was kettle dyed and the color of beach sand!
Really ... do you need to know more?

Reason #3
They had the perfect buttons to go with the yarn. See?
How often does that happen?

Reason #4
The yarn shop owner's name was Elaine - just like me!!!

So the yarn was coming home with me.
It was just meant to be!

Tomorrow: My walk on the bay side of Ocean City.


  1. What a wonderful weekend it was - I just smile every time I think about it! Loved the pictures.

  2. I read your post over at A-to-Z this morning and came to check out your blog. I will send my wife to see it too, as she's a knitter through and through as well. I love the tone and life in your posts!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself doing something you love!

  4. YOU have a great blog and your photos are dreamy! So is your knitting!

    xox jean

  5. Great view, lovely yarn.

  6. I laughed out loud when I read you bought more yarn!! : )
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  7. Wonderful weekend! I LOVE the sand colored yarn. Of course you had to buy it!

  8. I love that you get together with family and have a fiber arts weekend. :) love those buttons!

  9. Hello! I am new to your blog- came here from A to Z in April. I have been a knitter for 30 + years and vacation yarn totally doesn't count! Going to forward your blog to my mom and I'd love to know more about the knitting behind bars program. Now following you! :)

    Tracy, A2ZMommy


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