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Monday, January 23, 2012

Slipping off the grid for a bit

I think I will be going blog-quiet for a period. Not even walking to move my little person for a week or so.

A week ago I started with a some shingles on my torso. The last episode of shingles was about 30 years ago. As painful and itchy as this is, 30 years seems like a good span between episodes!! And now one week into this, the symptoms are pretty intense.

Anyway, I have been seen by the doctor who said I waited too long (you know, being a long suffering and stupid person that I am), for the meds they have to be really effective (even though I am on them now). Meds should be started within 72 hours of the outbreak and I waited a week!! So I am left with feeling miserable.

So no walking or blogging until I am feeling better.

If anyone knows of a way to lesson the symptoms let me know.


  1. last week I had a rash breakout that was suspiciously like the start of shingles...extremely hot, itchy and painful all under my chin, down my neck, upper back and chest....glowing red. I took a homeopathic remedy Sulfur 30ch 3 pellets under the tongue every three hours for three does. The next day when I woke up the rash was gone but started to recur later in the day...I repeated the dosage. It's gone now. You could try the thing about homeopathic treatments, if it doesn't help it certainly won't hurt.

  2. So sorry, sounds like 30 years between episodes is not enough! Feel better soon.

  3. So sorry Elaine. Hope your feeling better soon.

  4. Well, that's not good! You're not alone in waiting...I'm not a fan of doctors either, they take our money and guess.

  5. So sorry. Shingles is very painful. Hope you can find some relief soon. Feel better! ♥

  6. I've had them - did the doctor give you pain medicine? And that medicine might work. I am sorry to say you have to suffer through it - it was awful. I'll say a prayer.


  7. oh no! hope you feel better soon. I am a waiter and a sufferer too when it comes to doctors. :P take care of yourself!

  8. Oh no! Feel better soon!

  9. Hi Elaine .. good luck and do hope the dreaded shingles eases of - I know it's one of the worst things.

    Relax and don't worry - no stress! I think are the main things .. and patience .. cheers Hilary


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