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Monday, January 16, 2012

ahhh ... The Ocean

I am home, but I want to share the joy of the weekend with you.

I am not sure how long it has been since I had a weekend away from home - shedding all the roles and responsibilities of my life. But it has been long enough that I just don't remember.

The trip to the ocean was wonderful.
So eager was I to depart that I forgot to take pictures until I got to The Bridge.
For me,
the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
The Bridge.
Over lots and lots of water.
Lots of water.

And I forgot to put the life vest on my Subaru!

It is long - over 4 miles.
It sways even in low winds.
It is high.
It turns a corner in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.
(Who thought that was a good idea!)
I have spent probably 30 years hating The Bridge, but not today.
No fear,
no anxiety,
no shallow breathing.
Just joy at riding in the direction of the ocean.
(I was even taking pictures, while driving The Bridge, for gosh sakes.)

The country side on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is very flat.
Much of it is filled with farms. Some are abandon.

Although a bit desolate, I love the look and feel of this picture.
It reminds me of a painting.

Three or four small towns dot the trip to Ocean City.
It used to be more common to see small family grave yards in the middle of open fields.
Many have sadly disappeared.

The trip takes about 3 hours when you do the speed limit. I guess I got a bit bored!
Yes, this is me smiling for the camera ... that is resting on my steering wheel.
(Trust me, there were no other cars near me!
Trees with big fat sturdy trunks
that might smash my new car entirely if they got in my way
but no cars. And no trees stepped out into the drive lane, thankfully.)

Love my new sweater (Pattern: The February Lady's Sweater) that I finished blocking the day before. Here is a shot of my sleeve.

Don't ask how I got this picture!
Dig those buttons.
Amazing color.
(Stop it! I am watching the road.)
I have taken other pictures of this sweater with the idea of putting it on the blog, but the colors were all wrong. Sitting in the car, going 60 mile an hour, I got the color perfectly.

Ocean City in sight. I can stop taking pictures of my chest and arm now.
Besides - my camera battery was nearly dead.
Crossing another bridge from the main land to the sand bar that is Ocean City!
Excitement grows.

So close! Just over the dune.
The condo and a reminder to treat our beach with care.

And my goal!
Just me and the beach!

How do you improve on this!

Tomorrow: the people and stuff we did when not adoring the beach!


  1. I am so glad you had a weekend away. You had nice sunny weather though a bit on the cold side.

    So you don't like bridges! Didn't know that.

  2. so glad you enjoyed your time away

  3. There is no place like the beach for a great getaway. Good job on that February Lady! You look happy wearing it!

  4. That was a great drive we had. Thanks for taking us alone. The sweater is a beautiful color and I love the buttons. You have refreshed your soul now and ready to face the next challenge. Blessings

  5. Well I thoroughly enjoyed that trip to the beach. The bridge part was somewhat scary though, but worth a little anxiety to get to the ocean!

  6. I miss the beach. It looks wonderful. I hope you found the peace you've been searching for. There are so many answers at the beach.

  7. I love reliving it with you! That sweater looks even better in person - great job!


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