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Monday, January 2, 2012

Milo a regular Assisted Living visitor

Mom may not live with me any longer, but she is a regular presence in my life - because I visit her about 4 times a week. Usually Milo makes the trip with me. And he is now totally comfortable in this new location.

From the moment he gets out of the car, he walks directly up to the Assisted Living door, he struts with confidence into the living room checking left and right as he walks just incase he can spread alittle of his charm around to the residents.

He knows my mom resides in room #10 - he makes a straight shot to that room and then begins to settle in!

He has a bed there ... and a water dish!

He has a bone there! Sometime he rests his chin on it.

But where does he sleep?
On my mom's bed, of course.
Only "dogs" sleep on the floor! He is a valued family member, and he sleeps on the bed!
And the people keep busy as well. Mom watches TV.

I usually knit.
And Milo, he usually does this!


  1. He's a born visitor.

  2. And I'll bet your mom loves having him visit!

  3. Awwww. I've missed the doggie news; glad to see Milo again.

  4. I know I hear a more relaxed knitter and Mom and Milo of course. There is not better therapy than the pets. Blessings to and all those you love this coming year.

  5. This is absolutely the cutest most precious story ever! Milo is a very lucky dog!!!

    Happy New Year!!


  6. I see he has made himself right at home there!

  7. sweet. i love that he has his own bed there. :)


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