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Monday, January 9, 2012

Is it too early ...

... to do a walking update?

(Thinking out loud and talking to yourself)

You knew you were going to have a slow start. Walking 3 miles a day every day when you haven't been walking hardly at all is a bit ambitious.

By the 9th day - today - you should have walked 27 miles. Your little walking woman is showing - as of this minute - 7 miles!

A few miles short ...

So today when you dragged your butt out the door to do your walk ... because that little walking woman was beginning to haunt your thoughts ... you went over all the excuses of why you are falling short!

They are BOGUS! You berated yourself for being so willing to find excuses on day 9 of the new year!! Day 9 ... not day 60 or day 200 or even day 365. Day 9. Pathetic.

And then you started to think that maybe your goal of 1000 miles in a year was very unattainable. Think on it. That is 3 miles 7 days a week, and even when you were walking a lot, you didn't walk 7 days a week. What were you thinking? History would tell you that you were going to fall short of this goal.

Again, BOGUS! 1000 miles in a year is a goal! Yes, it is a hard goal. Yes, you will need to do better to get even close. But what good would a goal of 200 miles in a year be to you? Worthless.

And then it occurred to you ... maybe you could see just how close you could get to 1000 miles. Maybe you could make 1000 miles in a year the goal again next year or at least more miles than the previous year. Maybe you could take the long view on a long distance - 1000 miles!

Yes, that appeals to you.

And who knows ... maybe by November your weary body won't even know when it has passed the 3 mile mark - maybe you will catch up easily.

(You probably should stop talking to yourself now because someone might be listening.)


  1. I think it is amazing that you are out there walking any there.

  2. I was wondering when I was going to see her moving along there. : )
    Any walking at all is good.
    I'm a few miles short of my goal too.

  3. Well that is not fair. You know you are walking a 1000 miles a year. Better, get you a walking meter and pin it on and you will surprise yourself. I know you are talking about a walk only, but with a meter you may really surprise and feel better about it.

  4. Kudos to you for getting out in this cold! I'm also afraid to walk too far with my knee not completely healed. You know what a turtle looks like upside down on his back/shell with all fours in the air? That would probably be me if my knee gave out. Our elliptical is suppose to be delivered Friday - my fat burner is coming! Keep going, it's about the routine, not the distance.

  5. Hi Elaine .. it's bound to be slow at first .. but just keep doing those few short distances and life will be a piece of cake soon!

    Enjoy the time outside .. I'll be starting soon - but I have a hill to climb .. as I'll be walking to see my mother. Cheers for now .. Hilary


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