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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Images of a Christmas with Friends

Sunday ... day of rest!

Well, not entirely because I need to pull down all my Christmas decorations for this year!

But before I do, I want to share some images of last night's party. This party was especially sweet because last year was so dismal. Our holiday in December 2010 was severely abbreviated because of mom's recent hospital and rehab discharge. And this annual party in January 2011 wound up getting cancelled because almost everyone was ill that year and wanted to keep their distance from mom. It was the strangest holiday ever.

So here is the Christmas Party of January 2011 with some very dear friends and much loved family.

I love candid shots, and with the exception of a very few, these are candid.

The table was ready - except for the mushrooms - they were still in the oven.

Oh, there they are!
I don't think they ever made it to the table!
They went from the oven into the stomachs with record speed.

What is a party without cake! Here is the baker.

Here is the cake! Pretty beautiful - tasty too.

Time to dig in!

It is the point of the whole event!

My husband who makes a point of staying out of pictures!

This beautiful woman is my daughter!
Everyone should be lucky enough to have a daughter like her.
Lucky me!

Of course, my granddogs would be there!
Of course!!

Time spent with friends.

Both faces in this picture are worth the shot!
I love my camera.

Grimace in a quiet moment - wearing his pooch pants!

Milo focused on the fork!

Meathead focused on love.

My fantastic son with his wonderful future wife!
Gosh, that has a wonderful sound to it!

Two great kids!

Two future sisters!

The last Hurrah for our Christmas Tree.

It was a wonderful Christmas!


  1. The puppy babies appear to know who to stay close too. Looks like it was a wonderful event full of food fun family and friends. Now...on to the knitting.

  2. Well, yes, on to knitting ... now that Christmas has been totally packed away.

    I love January.

  3. Love the doggie pants. So glad you had a grand party. Yes on to knitting. Blessings.

  4. thanks for sharing photos from your party. :) that cake looks amazing! i love candid shots too.

  5. What a great party! Glad you all had such a good time. All the food looked soooo good!!


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