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Friday, January 20, 2012

Are you hibernating?

This January seems slow.

Now I am not complaining. No, not at all. I am very happy for the lull. But I don't know if I have ever experienced the confluence of such quiet all in one period before.

For example:

I read quite a number of blogs. It is nothing for me to open my reader and find I am 70 or 80 blog posts behind. This week for the first time ever, I was up to date. And for days I have seen maybe 3 or 4 postings - not the usual 20 posts. Big drop. Bloggers have quieted down.

I listen to a whole bunch of pod casts. I usually can keep up with these because I listen while I am doing other stuff, but I am always behind. Always. And yet, for a few weeks I am current - nothing waiting for a listen. There is a lot of radio silence out there. And 2 pod casts are officially ending.

The weather is stable - not too cold - no big weather. So no excitement (or chagrin) about an impending snow storm or deep frigid cold. Just a flat repetition of cool to cold sunny weather. For a lover of snow, like me, this lack of winter zest is most disheartening. Listening to the weather on TV is just plain boring.

Groups that I participate with have been a little low on attendance. Pockets of illness must be keeping people holed up in their homes. Mom reports that her meals at Assisted Living are not well attended either. Out of the 16 residents who normally show up in the dining room, only 3 or 4 are coming to the table. Trays of food are being delivered to rooms. Folks are sick. Keeping them apart makes sense. (Mom's still well, thankfully.)

Has January always been like this? In previous years have I been too busy with the stuff within my own four walls to notice the world just slowing down this month?


  1. Well as in all of life - it has highs and lows - right? sandie

  2. I heard we are supposed to have freezing rain tonight. Tomorrow maybe you can go sliding down the street. That should liven things up for you. : )

  3. Oh this has been the best January for me! We usually have horrible weather in January- but this year it's been unseasonably warm- only one little skit of snow so far! I'm doing the Happy Dance--- come on Spring!!

    And--- I'm always, always behind on my blog reading :(

    Love you for visiting me--

  4. Yeah, it usually gets quiet during January but this year it's been more so. I think because a lot of people are also using Pinterest, which is a faster way to reach people. Glad to see you're in the A-Z 2012 Challenge. I'm in it, too, on my other blog, and looking forward to it. Did it, last year, and it was loads of fun.

  5. Yes, my silence continues through the new year. It's getting settled into the new year and resting from the holidays that does it to me.


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