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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NPR Interview - Knitting Behind Bars

A short note ...

Recently I did a blog posting on Knitting Behind Bars - a program started by Lynn, the founder of our knitting group ... (it is Tuesday morning - my favorite morning of the whole week, by the way!)

Anyway, she was interviewed by NPR (NPR for gosh sakes, NPR!!). Here is the NPR link. You can listen to this great story (about 9 minutes long) or read the transcript of this interview there. It was just a WONDERFUL interview. And it explains the program in Lynn's own voice.

Check it out!

Note: this is not the interview that happened at our Tuesday morning knitting group several weeks ago. That interview will be video. I will post that one as well, as soon as it is released. This one is audio!


  1. I went to the original posting and left a comment. I heard about this great program in a very positive story in the Los Angeles Times recently.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Such a good program! Thanks for the NPR link.

  3. Great. I saw a report on prisoners crocheting mats for homeless people out of the plarn, plastic yarn, that I use to make purses with. I am going back and listen to your audio.

  4. This is such an inspirational story! I love that your friend fought for 5 years to implement this program in the prison. Julie

  5. You are an inspiration!Enjoy your time out!...:)JP


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