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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joy Filled Blossoms

We are in a wedding count down my son, Matt and his fiancee, Maureen.
The wedding is in May.

I am sure that as we move through the next few months,
postings about our preparations will become more frequent.

This first posting on the wedding is the creation of flower table center pieces.
Back in December Maureen walked a few of the wedding party through the process of making the paper flowers for the table center pieces.
Initially I think it was daunting for those present.
So many flowers were needed,
the process felt foreign to those in attendance,
and it seemed like maybe this idea would not be do-able.


That is not my style.
"Not do-able" is like waving a red flag in front of my face
- and the bull in me shows its ugly and persistent face
when the words, even the thoughts,
of "not possible" hang in the air.
I was not going to be conquered by some simple paper flowers.

In fact, if she decided at some future date that she didn't really want to use these flowers,
that she had a new exciting idea for table decorations ...
these flowers and I would know
who was boss before we parted company
and I set down my glue gun!

(You know, it could be said that I lose objectivity,
that they are only paper flowers after all,
and that I needed to get a grip on this!)


What I discovered in trying to master this new craft
is that I really liked doing it.
I am excited to be working on this project for my son and daughter-in-law-to-be ..
but I would not be surprised to find more paper flowers showing up in my home
after I have made the wedding flowers ...
new flower types,
new colors,
new papers.

... yes ...

We are not done with this just yet!!!


The white flowers with the print are made from paper that has the story
of Matt and Maureen's meeting,
growing relationship
and finally their engagement.

The story begins with "Once upon a time ..."
and, of course finishes with
"The End"!


  1. I absolutely LOVE those. I'm so glad that brides are doing things in their own style now rather than what some bride or etiquitte book tells to do. These are beautiful!

  2. These are really nice!! And you don't have to water them!!!

  3. how exciting! wedding countdown. :) so is that purpley/blue color one of their colors? the centerpieces are going to be lovely. i love the idea for the white flowers too. very cool!

  4. I love how you had "The End" at the end of your blog. I am too excited for this day...can it be May 19th already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I am the future sister-in-law (love the title!!) who found this task too daunting. I don't have my mothers tenacity!

  5. This looks wonderful with all the flowers. Your blog is such an easy read, love it, especially "The End".

  6. What a fun idea . . . A friend of mine and I made some flowers like this with some kind of press thingy she bought at a fabric store, (JoAnn's). (I included the store name, not sure if that store is near you.) I think our flowers were smaller than yours. Yours look wonderful . . . keep us in the loop with pictures!

  7. LOL - we definitely are related - don't tell me I can't do something and see it happen!


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