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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ahhh ... the Quiet-Side Walk

The bay side of Ocean Highway is considered the quiet side of the island/sandbar that holds several large ocean communities - Ocean City being one of those communities.

Saturday was sunny and a reasonable temperature so I went for a walk - over to see the bay.

Ocean City has a pretty thin geography. It is easy to walk from the ocean to the bay (I try to ignore just how thin the sandbar is that I was standing on. Being formed by a large hurricane in the 1930s, that sandbar could disappear just as fast as it formed in another storm ... but today - blue skys.)

I love walking the flat streets of ocean resort communities. Generally the houses are all different and many have ocean themed "names" on signs. All great fun!

Of course in January there aren't too many people around. The quiet of the bay side was more so because of the lack of occupants. But it made walking around and taking pictures much easier because no one wondered what I was doing.

The Ocean City neighborhood I walked through was called "Little Salisbury".
Just look at how blue that sky was.
(The sand bar I was standing on was safe from storms that day.)
It was a beautifully crisp day for a walk.

There were some interesting little structures.

A closer look.

Further down I took a side street and looked at the back yards!

Really, guys!
The back yards.
No grass to mow,
no dog poop,
no yards filled with kids toys
or rusted grills
or forgotten lawn furniture.

I could live like that!

Of course, at the end of the street is this ... the beautiful quiet bay!

Later that night we had dinner/lunch at Liquid Assets.
Guess the name relates to all the bottles that surrounded us,
but the food was sensational!!
And so was the company.

Tomorrow: The trip home!


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  2. These are beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Looking forward to your story about the trip home! Julie

  3. It would be so wonderful to live where you could see the water.

  4. Enjoyed the pictures from Ocean City. I have never had the opportunity visit. Hopefully, some day. We only live in PA. Looking forward to the trip home. P.S. Loved the color of the sweater.

  5. just gorgeous! i'm jealous of their backyards! the man cave looks just a bit bigger than an outhouse. lol.


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