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Saturday, January 7, 2012

One problem solved ... almost

Remember that extra yarn problem?

You know, the extra yarn problem in my new craft room?

Ok, ok, extra yarn is never a problem.

But my discovery of 3 full boxes of extra yarn after I safely (and smugly) got *all* my yarn into its new home in the upstairs closet (using a shoe horn), did cause me some concern.

After all, that closet is a decent size and it is packed solid. I was kind of appalled, (like always) at the volume of my stash. That sinking feeling always happens when I wade through my stash periodically. An unsettling vision appears in my brain of my stash showing up on some Hoarders TV show - yarn hoarders - with my face attached to it!

Oh well, that is what doors are for! :-)

But then I got this great idea - Baskets! Put the yarn in baskets in that room. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier. I have seen yarn in baskets before.

Very country.
Very decorative.
Very homey.
I can look at it decoratively displayed.
Wonderful idea.

But then there was the nagging problem of dust! I don't want my yarn dusty. It is ok if there is a thick dust layer on everything else in the house, which there usually is. But stand still for a few minutes in my house and a dust layer would settle on you.

So I got some Saran wrap to cover the yarn. Problem solved!

But ...

Another nagging problem. I don't have enough baskets to store all my remainder yarn. That stupid plastic container is still on the floor. It is still staring back at me saying,

"Hey you,
The one with too much yarn.
You, the one who is looking over her shoulder.
You have too much yarn.
I am talking to you.
Too much yarn.
Too much.
Pay attention.
Too . much . yarn!"

I think I will shut the door!


  1. When the yarn starts talking to you, you know you have a problem.

  2. I keep my yarn in baskets but I don't have very much.
    You won't be a true hoarder until your whole house is filled with yarn and you are walking between aisles of yarn piled high on each side of you!! : )

  3. I do not have stashes, I have collections! If I never spin the pounds and pounds of fiber I have, well, they are inspiration that I enjoy just looking at and rearranging (currently by color!). Same with the yarn (and the fabric, and the buttons....). I firmly believe if there is a problem with the amount, some kind of re arrangement is needed - NOT reduction. Very comforting to know that if I want to spin for red toned socks at 3am - I have the fiber right upstairs! (and to be honest, that would be choices of fiber)

  4. I think that you just need more baskets. You can never have too much yarn! And maybe if you play with it and rearrange it periodically, it would not get dusty.

  5. here's what you do, you cover up the plastic container with some kind of fabric (so it looks like a table) and voila. problem solved. ;)


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