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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for a Copper Countenance

Lame ... I know, but I loved this copper leaf face the moment I saw it on the side of a neighbor's house. I took this picture a year ago and just never found the right time to use it.

Guess this is the right time to use it!!!

It is such a life-like face that I am often drawn to it on my walks. The eyes seem to follow you, seriously watching. The lips look like they could speak ... not too thin, not too generous. The nose is so perfectly formed.

A little less brow and a little more chin would make this face perfect, but ...

A serious face - not threatening.

Just a gentle warning that "Cooler weather is coming ... prepare".

It is the face of fall!


  1. It's beautiful, I can see the attraction.

  2. Is it just lovely - I want one.

  3. i love it too! it really does draw you in! :D

  4. Hi, I like the face, too. It reminds me of some of the characters one reads about in the fairy tales.

  5. The leaf faced man is wonderful! I've seen them in catalogs and I want one. Totally appropriate for the Challenge!

  6. LOL, since being hooked on "Game of Thrones" All I can think is .....winter is coming!

  7. The face looks so real, it's scary, but beautiful.

  8. Cool item and cool photo. I am doing Places I want to visit for my A to Z Challenge.

    Take a look at

    Laurie Fowler

  9. That's a really interesting face. It looks like a Green Man--only not green, of course. :)

    I'm a new follower/visitor from the A-Z Challenge.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  10. I like that face. Glad you brought it out. I'm trying to visit all the blogs in the A-Z Challenge.

  11. I laughed at my thoughts after your first sentence...thinking you helped yourself to it!
    I've never seen anything like it. Interesting.

  12. such an interesting reaction to this face, i love it!!

  13. Nice choice! And nice to meet you.


  14. It is beautiful in an errie way. I don't konw that I could have it in my courtyard-and have to walk by it each day. You're right--those eyes do seem to follow. Then again, there looks to be a little sadness about it.

    Anyway... love your post!

  15. It is a cool face. Although depending on my day I might get creeped out if I felt it was watching me.

  16. It looks like it's straight out of a movie. I love it.

  17. i like that copper face too! very cool.

  18. I have this very thing!! I love mine, too! :)


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