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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Peace


The nearness of quiet water has always
settled my mind and given me a sense of peace.

The perfect body of water for me would be a large lake.
A body of water that is smaller than the restless ocean,
but big enough to have a distant shore in view.
is a quiet body of water.

Maybe if everyone lived by something that gives them peace,
would be the norm rather than an anomaly in our world.

What gives you peace?


  1. Peace comes to me in creation . . . doesn't matter if it is creating a garden, knitting project, a new recipe, writing something. The PEACE is in the dream, the possible . . .

    And sometimes a walk along our sandy west Michigan shores can give release for more creation possibles . . .

    What a wonderful world . . .

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  3. What gives me peace; water as you said, sunlight, bird song...

  4. Interesting to think about a quiet body of water as apposed to a bubbling brook or the endless rhythm of the the ocean surf. They are all to enjoy, but it is true that there is something more at peace in the stillness.

  5. For me it is the ocean - the smell of the salt water comes first as I drive to the beach and I can already feel myself start to relax. The sight of the ever changing water and the sounds (waves and birds)and I am at peace. Just writing about it has had an effect!

  6. My favorite thing about camping or backpacking is falling asleep by teh lapping waves, rushing river or the waves of the ocean.
    Happy A-Z April!

  7. I think God gives me peace. sandie


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