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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Outstanding Dog Mom

My daughter is outstanding at everything she sets her mind to ...
and so it is no surprise that she has made an Outstanding Dog Mom.

She has done it all ... lots and lots of love, special foods, prescription medications, regular vet visits, urgent vet visits, careful examination of vomit and poop when needed, thorough ear cleaning, nail clipping, regular baths, dog park visits, long walks, a generous collections of dog toys, dog beds, dog training, fancy leashes, warm sweaters ... (he is a pure bred French Bulldog ... they are high maintenance, after all.)

And now she is looking to buy her own condo, and Milo's needs are part of the search criteria. Finding just the right place must include a dog friendly environment with neighboring dogs (Milo likes to have friends) and windows with interesting views (to keep Milo occupied during the long work days.)

Oh, yes.
This little dog named Milo has such an Outstanding mom!


  1. Milo is a lucky dog. Dogs are part of the family, after all, that's just the way it is.
    Your daughter is lucky to have Milo, too. Dogs are wonderful, non-judgemental, love you unconditionally 'people'. They deserve all the special treatment they can get, in my mind. :)

  2. It is a please to see how she is with her dog - and other dogs too! She learned from an outstanding dog grandma!

  3. Sounda like Milo has a perfect, beautiful, Outstanding mom!

  4. That's a lovely story. I love dogs, at least the small ones, but our owner is now Katie Cat. She has us wrapped around her little paw.



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