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Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Waco (Texas)

Only in a state as big and flat as Texas, can you get such a breath-taking sunrise.
  These beautiful views were sent to me by a long time friend, Lorretta, who now lives in Waco, Texas.

But the story is not quite so simple as that.

Long ago - almost 45 years - I worked with Lorretta at the University of Maryland.  I was a full time student looking for a part time job, and she was the supervisor of an on-campus periodical collation service.

I clearly remember that first meeting with Lorretta.  As a new employee, she gave me the typical tour of work site.  Moving towards the printing presses in the back of the office, Lorretta cautioned me that the lead printer, Mike, was a very quiet person.  I shouldn't feel put off if he didn't talk to me.  In fact he talked pretty much only to her and Mr. White, the manager of the unit. I shouldn't take it personally.  He was really a nice person, just very quiet.

Being only 20 years old at the time, and being an outgoing drama (queen) minor in college, ... I decided in that instant that "quiet Mike" would also talk to me!  He would talk to 3 people in that office. You know ... in my mind, he was kind like a "mountain to climb."

Well, the rest is history.  Lorretta's casual comment changed my life.  She introduced me to the man who I would spend the next 44 (and counting) years with.  She peaked my interest to know him better.  Mike did talk to me (mountain climbed), and we did get married (other stuff happened between the talking and the getting married - but you get the idea.)   Lorretta and I became friends, and she and her husband were part of our wedding party.

Now here is the really AMAZING part.  

Our lives took us in different directions in the early years after Mike and I wed.  Lorretta moved back to Waco, Texas, her home town, and our friendship faded away.

But this month I got a Facebook "friend" request from a "Lorretta" in "Waco" - the last name was different.  I accepted the request.  I did once know a Lorretta, and I knew she called Waco her home.  I took a chance that this was the same person.

After a few emails and a wonderful phone call, we are thrilled to be once again in touch with each other.  I am happy to find Lorretta to be the same giving person I remember, and to have her friendship back is a gift.

A Waco Gift,
of course, 
along with that magnificent sunrise!


  1. I love serendipity . . . such a sweet W . . . Friendship Wonderful!

  2. Loved the whole story and getting back in touch with a friend - always a good thing!

  3. Lovely to find your friend again. Whenever I hear the name Waco I immediately think of the "Wacko from Waco" David Koresh. Nice to have a slightly more sane and happy thing to relate to.

  4. What a beautiful post! Its is so great to re-connect with an old friend!

  5. I love how you met your husband, and were reunited with your very dear friend! Wonderful story with a truly happy ending! Julie

  6. Love the sunsets

  7. Visiting from AtoZ, What a lovely story!


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