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Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for a Note

I have so little of my father but memories that were not always happy. But of the few things I have, I treasure this letter that he wrote one morning before going to work.

On that day I was to go on a girl scout camping trip. The night before I had collected several items that we were assigned to bring - primarily eating utensils. I had gathered these items on the kitchen table to pack with my other things in the morning. Before dawn on that day, my dad took the time before leaving for work to write me this letter - to tease me about bringing these things from home and to remind me to bring them back. But he also expressed heart felt affection for me and wanted me to have a great camping trip.

My dad was not a letter writer. He was not a reader, or a great family man, or one to have hobbies, or even many friends. He worked and that was pretty much all he did.

This 51 year old letter remains a treasured piece of paper. These were words he wrote only to me, on a morning when he was his normal self and he was a loving father.

I have so little of his beyond unhappy memories, but in these 2 yellowing sheets of paper ... I have much.


  1. A Note with sweetness and treasure . . . Seeing ones handwriting I find endearing too . . .and this with signing 'Daddy' must take you back . . .

  2. A treasure indeed.

  3. Such a poignant post. I have very little happy memories of my dad, as well. But it makes me cherish the good ones. Keep your treasure close to your heart.

    Michelle :)

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  4. How great to have such a personal item from your dad. Laminating it might keep it well preserved.

  5. There is just something so touching about writing from a loved on now gone - even without the treasured words written especially to you. I have some recipes my grandmother wrote and an apple wine recipe in my great grandfather's writing - two of my treasures.

  6. That is so special to know you were loved even under the circumstances. Something to cherish for sure!

  7. Such a special letter. He did love you very much.

  8. How cool that you have that letter. I don't have much from my dad- he died young and was a hard worker that provided for us...and that was about it.

    Happy Monday!

  9. It is so nice that you've held onto this touching letter. Mare Ball's idea of laminating it sounds like a good one. It's great that you can appreciate your father for who he was, because so many children won't let go of unhealthy grudges. Julie


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