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Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gazing

Nothing on earth can "gaze" better than a cat.
Those eyes focus on you,
without passion or expression
stare deeply into your soul
without even a single blink.

Their face shows nothing
of what is going on behind those green eyes.

This gazing fellow is Wally, one of our cats.
He is smart.
He gets bored.
He gets into trouble because is smart and bored.

It is a dangerous combination!


  1. Look at that sweet little face. He's thinking, oh he's thinking.

  2. What a beautiful face -- and ode. Love the Challenge. I'm #424. Trying to get to everyone after my position -- that only leaves over 1,000! Isn't this fun!

  3. Wally is a great looking cat. (He doesn't eat plants, does he?) How many other cats do you have?

  4. Wally is a handsome cat! I had a dog named Wally...he was smart and into mischief also! Great G post.

    Happy A-Z April!

  5. He's so beautiful...he kind of looks our cat, Angel-Kitty and yes, they have the capacity to stare a hole though you :)

  6. Cats can be highly entertaining. They can also be cuddly and cute.

    Play off the Page

  7. Cats do have amazing stares, don't they? Wally is a beautiful cat.


  8. What a great post. Look at that face. Stopping by as an A-Z courtesy.

    Glad I did!


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