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Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rascal

Milo is a rascal!

When Milo was a puppy his "rascal nature" was evident. We just didn't recognize it at the time.

For example, now as an adult, we have come to understand that all bones belong to Milo. I mean ALL bones. No other dog may be chewing on a bone in front of him because ALL bones belong to Milo.

In this picture we see Milo as "baby rascal," carefully studying the Meathead's jaw action required to chew a bone. Milo was a very good student. He watched very carefully. Took notes. Learned from the "master".

You will noticed that another bone (Milo's bone) is located right beside his left front foot.

But Meathead made a strategic mistake. He took a breath. He stopped for just a moment to pause, and to breath, and to rest his jaw muscles. He let the bone drop, and ... well ... Milo quickly decided that Meathead's bone was better than the one by his own foot (you know, pre chewed, juiced up and all ... just better, because it was Meathead's bone.)

Hmmm ...

Today ... all bones are Milo's (or so he thinks.) No one chews except Milo.

Nothing has changed after 2 years.

He is a "grown up rascal" now.

His full name is Milo Speedie Rascal Shanks.

PS - Speedie was the name he came with.


  1. He was lucky Meathead didn't decide to chew on HIM.

  2. Adorable! Thanks for giving me a smile this afternoon.

  3. Actually Meathead is not the kind of dog to chew on Milo. He is a sweet tempered old man who tolerates a whole lot.

    But it might have been helpful in Milo's training if Meaty had put Milo in his place a few times as a baby. Too late for that now.

    It is all about Milo.

  4. So cute, but you wnon't find my hand near the bones . . . I think they both would let me know . . . . "NO!"

  5. Poor Meathead...I am sure he wants that bone back. But Milo...too cute!

  6. LOL - When I saw Rascal in the title I thought - I bet this is going to be about Milo! He is such a cute rascal!

  7. Who could say no to that face?
    Cute pups and post.

    Visiting from the a-z challenge.

  8. Fellow canine worshipper.
    Here from A-Z
    Lovely words.

  9. Ah..we have one of those in our household and her name is Sosha. She is the boss. It's lucky that Duke is so easy going.

  10. I love the look on Meathead after losing the bone.

    "Darn, I can't bite him, nip him, growl or push . . . he's a baby. One of these days. Hm, maybe if I look forlorn I can get a new bone and find a place not in the middle of a room."

    Poor Meathead.

    Is this site all about your furkids? I like it very much.


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