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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Underwhelming

Underwhelming ...

That is Grimace.

He is a pug.

He is an "old pug."

He is a "love bug" pug.

He is a devoted pug (obsessively devoted - to the point of scary at times -apparently typical of the breed.)

He is a "special needs" pug (needs Pooch Pants, sometimes call Camp Trousers, or doggie diapers, to prevent ... well ... you know.  (Also typical of the breed, I am afraid.)

But a dearer, sweeter, more underwhelming pooch you will never find.


  1. Your "grand-dogs" all have such different and interesting personalities :-)

  2. I love the pug best of all other animals ever! sandie

  3. Love the tongue hanging out :)
    Happy A-Z Tuesday!


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