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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Individuality

The diversity and individuality
of life on earth just blows me away at times.

It can be seen all around us.

Nothing is the same. Everything is different.

Even tree bark,
something that is usually ignored or overlooked
displays a striking array of individuality.

It is the way our world is supposed to be.

And, yet, we humans seem to resist that which is different.

We make note of things that are too far outside our own opinion of normal.

We make fun of,
pick on,
and sometimes make war on
things that are different or
beyond our understanding.

We fail to see the beauty of individuality!

It is not one of our best traits.


Anonymous said...

We are not alone in this...even the trees make war on each other. Just try planting a maple and a spruce in close proximity and see what happens over time.

Linda said...

Too true! A signature line I often use on my work email is "Celebrate the Difference".

Michelle Pickett said...

I love this entry! So very true. Excellent job.

Michelle :)

Carolyn said...

I love these photos. The variety of color and texture that you captured is truly amazing.

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Individuality is great. What a dull world it would be if we all looked and acted alike.

Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

I agree. Excellent I word. I love learning about what makes a person unique. We can't be threatened by what is different in others.

Play off the Page

Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

Having been raised in a relatively closed farm community of approximately 10,000 residents, I grew up with little understanding of just how different the world is outside of a small town. I have been experiencing and learning all the wonderful differences ever since! Theme: A World of Crime

Nicole said...

Wonderful post on individuality. I like how you also point out the differences in tree bark -- that is something I have known but haven't really paid much attention to.

Even something so simple and natural as a tree has it's own set of traits that differentiate it from all trees on earth...something to think about and I'm glad you highlighted this point here.


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a.eye said...

So true! I just wrote about some bullying/individuality issues on my blog, too. I guess, the letter I brings that out in people!

Lindabee said...

Haven't visited your blog for a while, and love what I see. Your photos are exquisite, and I can't wait to read on.

Lynne said...

Excellent and using tree bark as an analogy . . . PERFECTO!