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Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Too Cute

Although Milo has cornered the market on brattiness (see previous postings,)
he has also cornered the market on cuteness.

He is just too darn cute.
At least that is what the humans think.

But Meathead is not impressed.

And Grimace is not impressed either.

This "too cute," "too appealing," "too sweet" thing ...

It must only work on humans.

Does the "too cute" thing work on you?


  1. Too Cute works for me . . . love the grimace and cute pic looking at me . . . Too Cute

  2. Yeah..too cute works on me too.

  3. My son has a dog that looks a lot like one of yours. I think it's a Pug. Her name is Daisy, and she's so homely that she's adorable.

    It's great to meet someone who's thinking about her next 20 years. I'm soon to retire, and I'm also thinking about how I want to spend those precious years.

  4. Too cute works for me. It probably works for my cat, Theodore. He likes dogs.

    I had to retire a bit early and am now thinking of the next, maybe last, twenty years, too. So far I started my blog now need to figure out what is next.


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