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Friday, April 27, 2012



The English language is so darn frustrating.  There are so many examples of words that just don't make sense when said or spelled ... the person (or persons) who created this language should be shot!

This post is dedicated to one of these frustrations:  English words that sound like they begin with the letter X but don't - like:


You get the idea.

So ... If you didn't know how to spell "exactly" (for example), and you said the word out loud, your ear would say to your brain  "it must begin with x" and then you open a dictionary and look under the letter X - you won't find "exactly" ANYWHERE!  Tell me.  Is that fair?  Am I the only one who finds that frustrating???

Drop that darn letter e off the front of the word "exactly" and it works!!  "xactly."  See how much better that is. Each letter has a sound and makes it in turn xactly the way it should.

Who the heck thought the silent e in front of the worthy x was a good idea ... I want to know.

X supporters!
  Stand up and unite!
  X has rights!
  X deserves respect!!
 X should stand ahead of A in the alphabet!!

Ok, maybe not that last part, but you see my point, right?

Ahhhh, Thank you God. Got past the letter X. Now what the heck will I do for Z.


  1. Very good , . . I knew you would come up with insight for X . . . . xactly and I have faith in your Z, how about ZYLOPHONE?

    Smile . . . some things just don't make sense . . .

  2. This is great and very inventive.

  3. I just discovered your blog through the A to Z Challenge. Thank you for sharing - it's enjoyable. If you get a minute, visit mine at

  4. An xciting post that xtracted the use for the letter 'e'.
    And why is 'why' spelt with a 'w' and 'sea' spelt with an 's'?
    You have just reminded me that 'Xena' the warrior princess, must now be 'Xna' or Zena or oh my, I 'k'now what you mean :)

  5. haha. i blogged about the same thing!! how funny is that. i wonder why english is such a difficult language. it doesn't make sense like other languages do.


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