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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dad

This picture is beginning to show its age,
just like the bride in the picture who is now 42 years older.

My dad had the opportunity to be the Father of the Bride the year before he died. Not every dad gets that experience. But despite the smiling faces, this picture always makes me a bit sad.

Your wedding day is supposed to be a joy filled day. Mine was filled with anxiety for him. He had problems in his life that spilled out daily onto his family. And my wedding day was no different. But on this day he tried ... tried really hard to be the father of the bride for me. And I know it was a major effort for him.

We looked happy there.

And although he didn't live long enough to see his own grand children, to give his other daughter away on her wedding day or to retire, he did get the chance to walk his daughter down the isle. This time he got a chance to be normal.

I know that meant a lot to him!

I don't recall ever saying this ... it is long overdue.

Miss you dad!


  1. so happy you two had this special moment--beautiful post

  2. Happy that your dad was there for you on that special day.
    It brought a tear to my eye. I miss my dad too.

  3. Handsome Dad and beautiful bride...a very special keepsake. I'm so glad you have this memory.

  4. I so glad you got to share this special moment with your Dad. Your post is a lovely tribute to him and his frailties as well as his strengths.

    Glad to know you today :)

  5. Beautiful post for sure - love this picture!

  6. What a lovely post and a wonderful tribute to your dad. And great picture - you both look very happy.

  7. Dads are very important. Thanks for posting.

  8. First time visitor and great to meet you! What an awesome tribute to your Dad. This is a great way to honor him.

    And you may want to move your FOLLOWER widget closer tot he top of the page as this will make it easier for people to follow you.

  9. Weddings are both happy and sad. It's a major life change. Old pictures are the same. The memories are very strong.

  10. Great pic and I love the clock in the background!

  11. You sound very understanding. I'm sure he appreciated that.
    God bless.

  12. wow. such a sad story but you at least have the memory of him walking you down the aisle on your special day. :)

  13. Love this. Tributes to parents are so touching. We don't realize the impact they have until they are gone. So glad he was able to be with you on your wedding day.


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