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Saturday, April 9, 2011

H - is for Horrid Hostile Hannah

Horrid Hostile Hannah

Horrid Hannah was a Hornet
Holding on to fame.
Hairless, hapless, hard and fit
Haughty Hannah was a dame.

Hostile was her middle name.
Heedless was her pride.
Hotheaded was her claim to fame.
Hardened was her hide.

Humdrum was her stinging bane.
Harm 'n havoc hard to beat.
Hearing shouts of hurtful pain.
Hannah sought to stop that heat.

See ...
Horrid Hannah had a passion,
Her hive mates didn't know.
Heaven knows its out of fashion
Hard as hard to let it show.

Happy not to play her part.
Harmless was her game.
Horrid Hannah had a heart
But hides it for the fame.

The End

You know, I was sure that topics for X, Q, Z and other such difficult letters would trip me up. Not so! H, the simple, unassuming letter H, was just not inspiring to me. So I opted to write a poem. It was pretty hard. Harder than I thought.

I truly admire all you folks who write poems regularly!


  1. Lovely, lovely poem. I really liked it... And made me wonder if sometimes I have been a "Hannah" :-))


  2. Great rhyme! Very clever to get so many 'H'-words in, too!

    Caught you on 'Better is Possible' and was intrigued by your blog-name: Retired Knitter! I took early retirement and am a keen knitter too, so it would seem we have a fair bit in common! you can already guess what my 'K' will be, next week! ;-p

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  3. Wow you've got a gift! I hope Hannah learns to show her heart! BTW, thanks for the encouraging comment on my G day. It's Saturday and time to regroup!

  4. Wow, this is really good. Great poem and a great idea for the letter H. :)


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