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Thursday, April 14, 2011

L - is for Laughter

When people are laughing,
they're generally not killing each other.
~Alan Alda

You may have noticed that I prefer humor and laughter to more serious subjects. Laughter and a humorous approach to life is important to me. It is how I communicate best.

I wasn't born with a particularly sophisticated sense of humor. Our family didn't have much to laugh about. But when I met the man who is now my husband ... I was instantly drawn to his witt and ability to make you laugh. It was a very important trait a person I hoped to spend my life with. We have had many many belly laughs together. And thankfully, he has passed that sterling trait on to both our children.

I sincerely believe the Alan Alda quote says it all. If we had more laughter in our world, we wouldn't be killing each other.

So I will end the posting with a joke - one that made me double over in laughter years ago when I was about 20. I remember telling this joke to my parents. I could hardly get it out for all my chuckling. Once I told the joke, I noticed they were still staring at me - you know, like waiting for the punch line which I had already delivered. When I pointed it out - that the punch line had past, they tried to recover, tried to join in with a forced laugh - lamely as I remember - and I am sure they were wondering had I slipped off my rocker.

So I am hoping better from you guys. Here goes!

What goes Hippity-Hop through the mud?

Wait for it!

The answer will slay you!

Take your time!

The answer?

The Easter Pig!


Get it? Easter, Easter bunnies, bunnies hop, pigs don't and mud ...

... must be my delivery! :-)


  1. Not everyone gets my sense of humor, either. But the ones who do, I really appreciate. And I also keep shooting for humor without being discouraged by my failed attempts at it. Pleasure to meet you via A-Z!

  2. Hi, Jeffrey

    Hey, thanks for visiting.

    The truth is that the joke isn't funny. 40+ years ago it struck me as funny, but what really was funny was my parents reaction - so dead pan, waiting for the punch line. And me laughing hysterically. It was more of a funny scene than a funny joke.

    My sense of humor at that point had not been "developed" by living with my husband for 40 years. But it is one of the few happy memories of have of living with my parents. Theirs was not a happy marriage so it wasn't a home with much laughter either.

  3. Thanks for the smile today, cute post. I laughed imagining the joke story, your parents staring and waiting for the punch line, so funny. :)

  4. I don't know how many times I've tried to tell a joke or story that I found extremely funny, and the other person responded, "I don't get it." Very cute story and a nice memory with your parents. Julie

  5. Alan Alda's quote is great. The joke is not. However it does has a stranger surrealistic bent to it that makes it funny in a way--- a very strange way.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Laughter.... so important. All young girls have list of they they want in a husgand. My nunber one was humor. I've notiiced the happiest couples laugh together. Manzanita
    Wanna buy a duck

  7. I agree - laughter is just necessary! Ah, good try with the joke.


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