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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D - is for Dogs

Grimace - thinks he belongs to Grandma, but the bills are paid by my son.

"They never talk about themselves
but listen to you while you talk about yourself,
and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation."
Jerome K. Jerome

There are 3 dogs in my life.

Three short-in-stature and pushed-in-faces, but all with big brown eyes and huge hearts. They are noisy breathers, snorers, farters, howlers, and barkers. They are also happy lickers, quiet companions, and great snugglers. And all call me Grandma because none of them actually belong to me!

Meathead - the senior citizen. My son's dog.
English Bull Dog
I was a dog person before I was a cat person in this life. I understood dogs. Cats I learned to understand as an adult.
  • Cats require time and patience to understand. Dogs require treats.
  • Cats rely on their own thinking. Dogs are happy to let you do the thinking.
  • Cats are rarely interested in what you are doing. Dogs are always interest in what you are doing. In fact, dogs will do it with you. Dogs? "Jump off that cliff? Sure, I'll race you to the bottom." Cats? "Jump off that cliff? Not my thing, but let me know how it works out for you."
But none can compare to the dogs in loyalty. Dogs are loyal! Beyond all measure! More loyal than any other creature on the face of this earth. Such loyalty is undeserved by humans - who frequently are loyal only when it serves their purposes.
Milo - the baby of the group who sees himself "in charge". My daughter's dog.
French Bull Dog

It is too bad that we humans, who aren't so good at loyality, aren't the best learners either. Humans have much to learn from dogs!


  1. Nice. I'm still a cat person though.

  2. Me too. My own pets are two very spoiled cats called Wally and Max. And in 42 years of marriage we have had 9 cats (includes these 2).

  3. What a lovely post. I loved learning about your "granddogs".


  4. hi Elaine:)

    that's the difference between our four legged companions. you can't own a furball(cat) because they in fact own you. but i will confess that i had two cats in my previous life that i loved to the `nth degree and didn't mind being owned by either. (Midnight & Shadow)

    love the photos up above. Meathead "senior" especially!:)

  5. They're all cuties! I've never had a dog, but everyone tells me how loyal they are, and often times they are more lovable than other family members! Julie

  6. LOL...Grimace and Meathead...those are awesome names!! Pugs are just to cute!

    I am however totally a cat person...I can relate to them more. The attitudes, the longing for solitude unless it suits my mood to associate with others, napping anytime day or night...not having a care in the world...yeah cats have quite the life!

  7. Oh my gosh, one of them is cuter than the next! How adorable.

    I love the comparison between cats and dogs, especially about jumping off a cliff. I can imagine my cat giving me a look and having just that reaction. :D

    Cute post!

  8. Milo♥, Meathead♥, Grimace♥...the best 3 boys ever!!!


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