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Monday, April 11, 2011

I - is for iPod, iPad, iGiveUp

Beware items that have a small "i" in front of the name
like iPod, iPod Touch and iPad.

Don't let this happen to you.

All technology that starts with the small letter "i" it should be considered an addictive substance, Surgeon General's Warnings should be boldly displayed the labels along with the phone number of a local substance abuse hot line.

Here is my story.

It all began simply enough at Christmas with a gift from my son - a small 1GB iPod called Nano. Nano! Doesn't it sound like "nana" - an endearing nick name you might use with a trusted family member like your grandmother? Dear friends, do not be deceived.

My son introduced me to this life-sucking technology at Christmas time, a time of peace and tranquility, good will towards men and stuff like that. Needless to say, my guard was down! Without a thought I opened the gaily wrapped gift box and stared at this item called Nano. And I thought, "What am I going to do with this?" I think my face must have given me away. He quickly came to my side and started to walk me through how to use it.

I looked for an instruction booklet. There wasn't one. "Where was the darn book? How could anyone use such an alien piece of equipment without a book of instructions. Boy, if this was a Microsoft product, they certainly would have included a detailed instruction book." And so on. I didn't know that Apple products were so easy to use, that only the most die-hard Microsoft person would persist in seeking instructions - like me.

And then he showed me how to connect the iPod to the computer to visit a place called iTunes. (Notice, it is an "i" word! Beware, beware.) I watched patiently as he walked me through the process, all the time trying to maintain an interested and appreciative motherly look. Mothers always love the things their children give them, right? And I wasn't going to fail the "mother test."

He showed me Music! I had to admit that I didn't really listen to music. Who lies to their son. And it was Christmas. Who lies on Christmas?? He was not deturred. He showed me audio books. Well, maybe, I thought. He showed me pod casts. "What the heck are pod casts," I thought with the smile pasted on my face. I minored in Drama in college ... acting. You never know when you will need that skill. And I needed it now. I was able to pull off sincere interest; it was Oscar worthy!! He continued to ramble on about pod casts. He asked what I was interested in. I said "knitting" thinking, "Right, knitting pod casts - what are the chances!" He typed the word "knitting" in the Search Box. The screen filled with knitting pod casts. Free knitting pod casts! Actually pages of them.

I pushed him out of the seat and took control of the computer mouse! I looked more closely at the screen. Indeed, there were dozens of knitting pod casts and all of them free.

What happened after that is foggy, and could be described as an "altered state".

And so now, years later, I have progressed from a small little Nano iPod, to a big iPod Classic and then to the iPod Touch which is a beefy version of an iPod with more functions like email and games. You know... "There's an App for that." I became App crazed.

And because no one was stopping me (I probably could have used an Intervention by this point), I got an iPad last year when they were introduced. And yes, I have 2 Apple lap top computers.

In my defense, but let me say this:

I TOTALLY love all my stuff that begins with "i".

Now that I think about it - "i" (small case) might be my most favorite letter of the alphabet!

One last word of warning: Do not stand between me and my iPad. It probably isn't safe.

Signing off,

(oh, I guess that is a bit over the top.)


  1. Funny......we do get addicted to our gadgets don't we? I can't even go for coffee without my laptop. I might miss something.

  2. Oh how funny, I considered using "Ipod" for today's post since I am so addicted to mine. I resisted getting one for the longest time as I thought it would just be a nuisance, now I don't know if I could live without it LOL. Cute post! :D

  3. hi Elaine:)

    ...hear you loud and clear on the addiction to the iP`s. i have an ipod touch(without phone) in which i have music, movies, and podcasts. never travel without it!

  4. Too true! So far I have only made myself remove some of the more addictive games but can not do with the equipment!

  5. lol! i don't own any of the i stuff you blogged about but i do have an apple laptop and at my last school, all the teachers had apple desktops. one day i'd like an ipad for pdf knitting patterns!


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