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Friday, April 22, 2011

S - is for Stud

How many readers did I capture with this topic? And how many will read through to the end?

You see, Milo, my youngest grand-dog, celebrated his first birthday this month. My daughter's neighbors gave him this present for his birthday - a dog bone with the word "Stud" on it.


He so reflects that attitude.

His name now is:
Milo, first name,
Stud, middle name.

Even his "cousins", Meathead and Grimace have picked up on that stud attitude. And they don't like it much.

A picture is worth a 1000 words!!

His stance says "I own this street, this sidewalk, this bone, this bed, this mama, this food, this treat ..."

Even in rest - one studderly eye is open as if to tell me, "Really, Grandma, put down that camera and turn out the lights. A guy needs to get his rest."


  1. Great pix of your dogs and funny captions - great "S"!

  2. Adorable post for S, I love the pictures! It's definitely obvious Milo is a stud. :D


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