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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P - is for Pestilence

Pestilence is such a juicy word, don't you think?

I mean, how often does one use "pestilence" in daily conversation? I don't think I have ever used it - hence the need to use it now.

Pestilence, pestilence, pestilence.

When I hear that word I think of medieval times, when pestilence was a problem. Is that why we don't use it? It is an "old" or archaic word that has fallen into disuse because it doesn't describe our world today?

Then I got to thinking ... is the word pestilence - what I think it is. What does it exactly mean? Could I use it in a sentence if I had to? or wanted to? or strived to? hmmm... maybe not in the 21st century.

How to know!

Right, get a dictionary - see what Webster says about this word. Luckily, after much searching, I discovered we had a dictionary. It is a behemoth of a dictionary. Lets see how impressed you are with my dictionary. It is the:

Dictionary Definition Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary
2,347 pages, thumb indexed
320,000 definitions
19 encyclopedic supplements
3,000 illustrations
full color maps of the world
Deluxe Second Edition $79.95

(pocket edition)
joke, Ha!

After I dusted it off I was a bit reflective. 1983! That may have been when we got this book - and I am just now using it! I must have known 28 years ago, I was going to need a dictionary sometime - and now is the time. :-)

And the cover price was almost $80 - a lot of money now and more money in the 1980s when we were a struggling young couple with 2 small kids. The book is at least 6 inches thick and you could break a few bones if you dropped it on someone's foot. And I never used until I looked up "pestilence". Do you think I got my money's worth? Well, I think pestilence is at least $80 word, don't you?

I discovered the word has 3 definitions:

1. any virulent or fatal contagious disease (kind of what I thought)
2. an epidemic of such a disease; especially, the bubonic plague. (getting interesting)
3. anything, as a doctrine, regarded as harmful or dangerous (now we are talk'en)

The sentence they provided was:

Power is like a desolating pestilence.

Yes ... this is definitely a 21st century word!

Note: Today is my birthday. Maybe I should have chosen a different topic, like Present or Party for P.

No ... pestilence is so much more interesting!!


  1. Great P word....are elections a pestilence?

  2. Hey Retired Knitter ~~ I'm visiting from the A~Z Challenge .
    Yes , the word definitely has a certain juicy aural appeal ...


  3. Mybabyjohn,

    I am thinking elections are not a pestilence. I think elections are our way of trying to make things right.

    But the outcome - power - well, that seems to be the problem. For some reason humans historically can't seem to handle "power" well.

    Not in our DNA I guess.

  4. hi Elaine:)

    hope you're having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    i use the free online dictionary:)

  5. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you and many more-----

    Like the title of your blog! This is my first time visiting.

    I think texting is a pestilence, seriously. I'm afraid that our youth won't have a clue how to spell or capitalize. Maybe it's an English teacher thing.
    In 10 years, I might still be offering workshops. Lucky for them, that's all I can say.

    MM the Queen of English

  6. That is one massive dictionary! I usually refer to a small desk dictionary that I have or go online. I have some larger dictionaries but none like that one you have.


    Tossing It Out

  7. HI! I've given you the Stylish Blogger Award!


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