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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K - is for Knitting and Me, A Love Story

Knitting is my passion - and it helped me come back to being me!

(At this point I know half of my readers have clicked on to other blogs.
Hope they come back for L.)

Knitting and I came together in 1997. There is a back-story. There always is!

At that time I was coming out of a high pressure management job, and I was very unhappy. As part of my recovery from that experience I came recognize that I had created my unhappiness with my own actions.

My litany goes something like this:
  • I loved the job (the responsibility, the people, the work, the challenge).
  • I did nothing but the job (no hobbies, no fun, no time, no nothing).
  • I lost perspective in the job (no boundaries, no limitations - job, job, and more job).
  • I lost compassion and understanding in the job (My way or the highway!).
  • I changed to someone unrecognizable in that job (b*tch, comes to mind).
  • I didn't eat well or sleep well with the job (No time. It was job, job and more job.)
  • I burned out in the job (I resigned without another job lined up.)
  • I survived the job (Because I quit - sometimes you just have to say "uncle" and move on).
In the months after leaving that position, I had a great big void in my life to deal with. Yes, I was still working. My employer liked me enough to offer me another position. (Go figure! Guess they couldn't hear my self-talk!) The new job was less stress, less prestigue and less money, but it was more structured, more predictable, and more do-able. But there was all this free time now - a huge void - a space to fill. I think I forgot how to be me. I had to figure that out.

As part of "figuring it out", I began to read for pleasure again, exercise again, spend time with family again (yes, even family seem to fall off my radar) ... and explore a new hobby. When I asked my husband about spending money on a class for learning to Knit - his response - "Go for it. It is cheaper than therapy."

It was better than therapy too.

The act of knitting has a bunch of advantages.
  • It has a start, a middle and an end. I needed more of that in my life at that time.
  • It produced a final product. In the beginning my final products were pretty terrible. :-)
  • It had a mediative quality to it. Knitting long stretches of the same stitch results in a lot of time for pondering other things and relax the mind.
  • It was a thinking-person's hobby - complicated stitches and adjustments for fit can take a lot of focus and planning.
Now 14 years later, my final projects are much better, my life is much fuller, and my downstairs closet is pretty full too (yarn stash - an addictive thing - come back when I do the letter Y.) I also own almost every knitting tool known to man.

So knitting is a worthy topic for the letter K. The only topic really!! At least for me.


  1. What a great post!! Love that jacket - what a beautiful colour!

    I like, also, that you use your 'easy' knitting time to ponder and think - I do a lot of 'plot-construction' while I'm knitting, it's as if with my hands occupied my brain can get on with thornier issues!

    The other benefit is that if I watch TV and knit I can't eat!! ;-)

    I'm glad you found a way to cope with the balance of work/life - and it was lovely to see some of your handiwork!

    But darn you, you've nabbed the same idea as me for 'Y'! (we shall have to compare stashes!)

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  2. I'm glad you found something that helped to give you focus and relax your mind. Knitting taught me a lot of bad words but I still come back to it now and then. That throw is lovely.

  3. Oh.. what a neat story. I loved reading it. How nice that you found on knitting a passion and something meaningful, plus you went back to enjoy family time, working out, reading. Those -except knitting- I made an important part of my life. I was close to the burnout at work, and I started reminded myself that I also had a life. Last year, I added more joy to my life by starting writing, and blogging :-)

    Have a wonderful day!


  4. Oh this is fabulous - the most beautiful afghan I have ever seen! I am so happy to meet another knitter- you have made my day with your visit to my blog!

    I wanted to reply to you directly - your profile is "no reply blogger".

    I am adding your blog to my google reader so that I can keepup with your beautiful projects! I may have to have the pattern for this afghan!


  5. ps - I see that you live in Columbia - are you going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool show? I go every year and love it!


  6. This was a great choice for the letter K! I love the pictures, you are really talented. I just love that afghan, how beautiful!

    I've always wanted to learn to knit, and reading this has me thinking about taking a knitting class again. Great post. :)

  7. Why is it that I'm not surprised you picked knitting for "K". : )

  8. Hi! Just stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!

  9. Hello all.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my Knitting post. A few have asked do I have an email address. That my blog is set without an email address to send private posts. I am trying to fix that, but I am still not sure how to do that. But it will be done as some point. Right now email can be sent to

    Thanks all, and happy blogging.

  10. I love the afghan too! Somehow when I left your house this weekend MY afghan mysteriously stayed with you, hmmmmm. ;)

  11. well...from reading this love story it's simple enough to understand and i'm happy that you found your niche`!:)

    i noted that you were wearing a beautiful red cape and blue pants. did you have an "S" on the front of your blouse too?)

  12. I want to thank you so much for sharing knitting with me and getting me started on my love of all things fiber - knitting, spinning and weaving!

  13. that shawl is absolutely gorgeous! what pattern is it? are you on ravelry? :)

  14. Beautiful work and something I have been interested in learning.

  15. The picture of the red one (I am not sure what you would call it, a poncho? a cape?) did you make that one? If so, I would sooooo pay you a lot of money to make me one of those. Its just beautiful!


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