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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z - is for zzzzz's

Sleep is becoming a moving target for me.

Maybe I am getting older. Maybe I am just stressed. Maybe I just need less sleep. Hard to know, but sleep ... at night, can be a hard thing to achieve. And sleep during the day (a.k.a. nap) is impossible.

I am a bit of a control freak! Sleep cannot be controlled. I can't will myself to go to sleep. I can't just determine that at 10:00 pm, I will be asleep and I will stay asleep till morning. This sleep issue can be a really a problem for a control freak!

Maybe it is a problem for control freaks because sleep is about letting go, relaxing and accepting the idleness of rest as an important goal for health!

But it somehow seems fitting that my last post in the A to Z Challenge should be about "letting go" and rest ... sleep ... zzzzzz's. It is fitting because as focused as I was on completing this challenge on time and ahead of the pack ... life sent me a curve ball that even my control freak nature couldn't overcome. I was forced to let go ... finish last ...

And I am OK with that! I have loved this challenge. I will miss it. I am already preparing topics for the next one ... but for now ... I need to ....




  1. I loved AtoZ challenge too! Letting go is a challenge for me as well--I often have the impulse to attempt to control things that I can't control.

  2. Gave up on that control thing the day I I just let if flow. Works much better. The house is a mess and I'm relaxed. Good tradeoff. Sorry you are having trouble sleeping though..that is a tough one.

  3. Yea for letting go (LOL and sleep!)

  4. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. : )

  5. sleep at night is definitely a challenge especially when you have a loved one who is having a health issue. it's tough. how does the saying go? let go and let god.


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