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Friday, April 29, 2011

Y - is for Yarn

(Posted on May 1, for April 29, 2011 - A to Z)

It would be a sacrilege for a knitter like me to blog about something else other than
Yarn - for the letter Y.

Yarn to the knitter is like:
  • Blood to your body
  • Flour to bread
  • Candy to Halloween
I do knit with yarn, do make sweaters and socks and hats and scarves, but over the years I have had to create another description for myself because "knitter" doesn't really capture the scope of my yarn stash. I am now a "collector" of yarn. You see, my current "stash" (a knitter's term for yarn they own, but have not knit up), my current stash is more of a collection in size and diversity. I enjoy knitting, but I also enjoy the ownership. I love being able to go down to my basement and "shop" in my own "yarn store", where nothing is for sale, where I am the only customer, where I don't have to wait for a sale.

I won't outlive all my current yarn stash. I once figured out that knitting 5,000 yards a year, I could knit for 23 years without purchasing yarn. And at that time I was appalled! Ridiculous to have so much yarn, I thought! Maybe I should get professional help to curb my desire to acquire more??

Nah! That was one stupid idea and I dismissed quickly.

Now it is a collection. I am happy and proud to have it. I love every skein. I am a yarn collector.

So much better a term than
"Yarn Horder"!!


  1. Collector sounds WAY better than hoarder.

  2. Yarn can definitely be art! The first time I went into a yarn store organized by color, it was like walking into a painting. I was in love!

  3. A substantial yarn/fiber stash is very comforting and fun!

  4. ok now why didn't you post a pic of your yarn basement?


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