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Friday, April 8, 2011

G - is for Ghosts


You wouldn't think that this topic would cause such pause. But the belief or non-belief in ghosts seems to stir the most interesting conversations.

Ghosts have been part of the human experience for a very long time. Human history, art, folk lore and literature ... all are full of references to ghosts even as far back as ancient Greek theater. I am not a scholar ... but there are probably older references as well. With such a deep history, the subject of ghosts may make you pause.

Despite that history, I don't believe in ghosts!

I have never seen a ghost or heard one or felt evidence of one. There is nothing in my experience that would support that belief. But there is a story that remains unexplained in my past, and I thought I would share it.

Several years ago I worked in a local Spiritual Center. This beautiful center was located in the middle of 300 acres of forest. Quiet and peace. It is what I think of when I remember my 3 years working there. I loved every minute of it.

One day while discussing a random topic, one of the sisters casually mentioned that the woman who held my position just prior to me reported that the grounds and buildings were haunted. I immediately discounted it. I don't believe in such things. But I decided to pursue the conversation because this sister was a rational, common sense kind of person who I admire greatly. She didn't say she believed it, but she wasn't laughing either.

I wanted to know the reasons for this belief. Apparently, this prior employee said that when taking pictures of the grounds and the buildings, she always got spots in the photo print that were it faded out a bit - subtly, but evident, as it marred the quality of the picture in one or two spots. And these spots were random, never in the same place and not present in pictures taken off the grounds. These spots according to her were supposed to be the ghosts of the center and the grounds.

I remember the conversation stopping at that point. Actually, I think she kept talking, but my mind was racing. I also had been taking pictures of the center for some promotional materials. I noticed the same thing happening with my camera and my pictures. I was convinced my camera was failing and a new one was in my future. Then I would take the camera home and it functioned fine. My pictures were perfect. I had never mentioned my photo problems to anyone.

Later I looked at my pictures again privately. I could still see the spots. I could feel my brain struggling to explain this situation. It didn't happen in all the pictures, just a few. Something so episodic and faint, may not be noticed by other picture takers or discounted as I did.

This Spiritual Center is a place of peace and tranquility. Ghosts there? I still have problems wrapping my brain around that concept. My husband and I have visited the civil war battlegrounds of Gettysburg. That 3 day battle was such a slaughter of human lives - it is almost unbelievable in its scope. Stories of haunted houses and grounds are so prevalent there, it is overwhelming. Certainly if there were ghosts, Gettysburg would be a place where they would be - and not just one or two. I've been a visitor there many times and never once experienced a ghost or questioned my belief.

But these pictures of the Spiritual Center, they made me wonder. Unfortunately, I left all my pictures there years ago. I don't even have one to share. But I assure you, the pictures captured something I didn't see through the lens or in person. It happened years apart, with 2 separate cameras and by 2 people who never met.

So what do you think? Can you explain what my camera was capturing? Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had an experience that made you question your beliefs?

After thinking about it for awhile I decided that I still don't believe in ghosts, but I still can't explain the pictures.


  1. I'm old enough now to say that I don't disbelieve anything. I have had a few questionable experiences myself. Makes life interesting doesn't it?

  2. I have never had a ghostly experience, but there's always the uncertainty. Sometimes, I would like to believe in ghosts, hoping that my lost loved ones may be around me. One can always hope :-)

    Thanks for your kind comments on my stories. The "Ally" story has been controversial. There's a moral component, I guess. Some people questioned why he wouldn't divorce her--financial concerns perhaps? Some others agreed with you, that he was supportive, and that he needed to continue his life, and he didn't abandon her. The girlfriend was a good-hearted person, I thought that too.


  3. Interesting. I think it's ok to not be able to explain things. I'm probably right there with you on something like this. There are so many unknowns out there in the world (and beyond).

  4. Sometimes the thought of ghosts scares me. I don't like to watch scary ghost movies or hear scary ghost stories.
    But I do like the thought of feeling my mom's or dad's presence. That comforts me.

  5. Interesting story! I've heard other stories of strange photos like this, and they definitely give me pause. I guess there will always be things we can't explain. It's a shame you no longer have the pictures, I'd love to see them. I'm always intrigued by these kinds of tales.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. That sounds like a puzzling experience, but it's nice that you were still able to get some good photos to share at that spiritual center. I'd rather not comment on the subject of believing in ghosts or not because I choose not to entertain such talk....enough said, right! LOL.

    I will tell you however, that reading this made me think of that old TV show and movie "Ghostbusters".......who ya' gonna call?!!! LOL

    Now, I'm going to try and find the theme song online, lol. You started this!

    The Madlab Post

  7. hi Elainewell:)

    some might call or refer to these unusual things as being ghosts but i think of it as being like evil spirits. do you remember Poltergeist? there were several of us in a prayer meeting once an odd event took place. we still talk about it. there was a pastor, an insurance exec, respitory medic, contractor, high school teacher, myself, and another man there that witnessed it. there was a refridgerator with some things on top that suddenly exploded across the room as if somebody swept their arm across the top of it. at the same time a clock hanging on the wall spun in a full circle on the nail it was hanging on. then the clock`s second went forward for about 15 seconds then stopped again. it was a battery operated clock but it had no batteries in it! spooky? oh yeah! but it was an evil place to begin with. think of the movie Deliverance. it would be an apt description. the residents of that place told us stories that would make your hair stand on end. i would never spend a night there! so yes, i believe you and that woman, especially since this was at a spiritual center.

  8. Sojourner

    wow, evil spirits. That never occurred to me.

    See I have never experienced something like you described .. and I guess I am like a doubting Thomas - unless I experience something unusual and unexplainable I am inclinded to discount it. But these pictures did make me question. Especially since they happened to one other person that we know of. And I would also find it hard to believe they were "evil" or wanted to cause trouble, because there was no evidence of unexplained trouble.

    I do try to keep my mind open, however. Always questioning.

    I hope I can get back to visit there soon. I have friends there. If I do go, I'll bring my camera. It is a beautiful center.

  9. Very interesting story! I don't know if I beleive in ghosts, but this sure makes you wonder. I may sleep with a light on tonight. Julie

  10. For me, it's not a matter of not believing in ghosts, it is a matter of believing without question. I use the word spirit, though.

    My "N" day is for Nightmarchers and tells of spirts in Hawaii.

  11. I'm open to the possibility and have had a few odd happenings and it could go either way for me.


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