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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day After World's End

Yes, I am still here on the Day After World's End.

The storm was predicted to be at its worst between 11 pm and 5 am. I was up until 11:30 hoping to catch a glimpse of "its worst". By the time I went to sleep it was still just a big rain storm. I have slept through earthquakes so I was sure I wouldn't wake up till morning.

What do I see today?
  • all the trees around my house are still standing
  • there are leaves all over the place - guess the winds did shake the trees a bit
  • we never lost power
  • my kitchen had a large puddle of clean water in the middle of it - the "flood" was not from Irene, but because I failed to plug the drain in my cooler full of melting ice and food.
  • my basement had a huge mess of dirty water because my husband brought all the large plant pots filled with wet dirt into the house forgetting that each pot had a hole in the bottom.
I think we caused more damage to ourselves than Irene did. :-)

We will see World's End another day.
And I'll remember to put the plug in my cooler next time.

Hope it was as uneventful for you as it was for me.



  1. Thank goodness it didn't amount to much. Now you can clean up your mess and celebrate the passing of Irene.

  2. Still raining and windy in NE PA but not too bad. A great day to stay in and focus on knitting/Spinning/ weaving!

  3. I'm glad all your "damage" was well contained. Mother Nature's damage would have been far more consequential. :)

  4. Yes, we had the same results minus the cooler and pots. We watered out potted outside plants before bringing them in. John placed a towel down and put the plants on the towel. Today I cleaned all the old towels we dirtied because of Irene. Adios Irene!

  5. Just catching up on my blog reading. Glad to see that you survived the storms! Enjoyed reading all of your posts about it.

  6. I had to climb over a some trees along the path this morning on my walk. We never lost power but the savage house did.

  7. LOL - that was great. We did lose power. Just got it back before dinner. Happily, my sis had a generator she wasn't using, so we saved our freezer contents and we got to have water (we're on well).

  8. glad to hear you survived the world's end! :)


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