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Saturday, August 27, 2011

World's End - Part 2

Still here.

Guess "the end" will sometime later. :-)

6:50 pm Had dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, rain is still just at the level of a normal rain storm without thunder and lightening. But we hear that the storm will pick up steam between now until 10:00 pm.

So some cute stories:

Yesterday I had the most yummy MacDonneld's French Fries and a frozen coffee Mocha. Yes, I am still on my diet, but as I was riding into Bethesda to pick up Milo, I had the strongest urge for a frozen something and French Fries. Finally half way to Milo's house I stopped and indulged. After I finished my treat, a news reporter said that when there are big storms (like snow and hurricanes), nature can sometimes increase our desire to eat! Sort of like storing up our fat against famine ...

I felt justified. I blame this lapse in my diet on Hurricane Irene. :-)

Another radio listener called in to share his personal story. The caller, I'll call him John, said that his ex-wife and her husband were in town staying in a camper to visit their son. With the hurricane coming they had no where to safely wait out the storm. So John invited them to his house to stay. Then John's wife, I'll call her Sally, discovered that her ex-husband and his wife were in town and called wanting some where to stay to wait out the storm. So now John and Sally have both their ex-spouses and their spouses staying under the same roof for the storm.

Not my idea of a good time! :-)

7:10 pm - Looked outside...getting a little windy. Still no more than a normal rainy day. But turn on the TV and it is "the end of the world".

Oh well, I am sure things will heat up. Hope everyone stays safe.


  1. There'll be some interesting conversations in THAT living room tonight.

  2. I'm addicted to the MacDonalds Mocha Frappe drink, and I have no excuse! Great story about the couple staying with their exes! Hope you are safely typing away! Julie

  3. who knew news reporters were our modern day chicken littles. ;)


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