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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Knitted Beauty

Our Tuesday morning knitting group has become a favorite time during my week. Tuesday morning has become my sane day, my happy pill, my mental health break, my time with friends. Many hobbies fall under the knitting group label (knitting, crochet, weaving, needle point) and many types of people have made time in their busy week, just like me, to spend this precious time together.

Spring, Summer and Fall we knit outside. Among the knitting community at large "Knitting in Public Day" falls on a Saturday in June. But our group has enjoyed knitting outside, knitting in public, every week long before it became the "in thing" to do.

Today, Deb, one of our members, arrived wearing her latest finished object - this beautiful knitted top. She is an extremely talented knitter. When she knits a sweater, she starts with one pattern and then make changes to suit her whimsy. Sometimes she combines 2 or 3 patterns pulling the best from each to create a much improved design. And the outcome is always spectacular.

When I knit I follow instructions ... to the letter, exactly as the designer intended, no divergent paths, no stepping outside the box, no nothing. I know. Boring. But if it wasn't written, it wasn't done. And never, never, never does my stuff turn out this good.

Today's pictures spotlight Deb's latest creation - totally flattering.

It is wonderful to be surrounded by such wonderful and talented knitting friends.


  1. I envy knitters who can turn out something more complicated than a scarf. I even need a pattern for THAT.

  2. cute sleeves! i, like you, follow patterns to a T but I am trying to modify here and there as needed.


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