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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oasis Day - Part 1: Playing hookie

Saturday was my Play Hookie Day.
And it was grand.

My daughter was here for her grandmother. The weather was overcast and in the 70s, far more comfortable than we have been experiencing. I left the house at 8:00 am! The day trip had begun. I was on my way to The Mannings in Pennsylvania for their Sit and Knit Day held every year.

As is my habit (a bad one for sure), driving away from the house I mentally review my list of things I need for the trip.
  • Full tank of gas. CHECK
  • Maps. CHECK
  • Cell phone and iPod Touch. CHECK and CHECK
  • Food. CHECK
  • Knitting. CHECK
  • Camera. A glorious CHECK
Now I know that checking your list as you drive away from home rather than standing in your home is the first mistake. But today, I had it all.

I could tell this was the beginning of a golden day.

The Mannings is a knitting, spinning and weaving Oasis planted in the middle of some beautiful Pennsylvania farm land ... about 90 minutes north of my home. The facility is made up of multiple rooms filled with yarn, books, patterns, spinning wheels, looms and every supply you need to pursue your craft ... a very lovely place to spend the day. Two yearly Mannings events I look forward to are The Spin In in June (this year I was at the hospital with mom - so no spin-in for me), and The Knit In in August. But more about The Mannings tomorrow.

The first part of this beautiful day was the trip itself. In the past when I traveled I enjoyed having the company of others. Today I was on my own and it felt freeing. Just Maxine (my Maxima), my thoughts and me!!

The trip is taken almost entirely on 2 lane rural roads - beautiful rolling country side. I passed some beautiful farm property, but getting a picture and driving at the same time proved challenging! (I think there is a lesson to be learned in that discovery!) :-)

Small little townships to pass through.

Interesting community events - a Chili Cook-Off? How wonderful.

Decorated homes that are not limited by community guidelines. This house was covered in American Flags. I thought it was glorious. Some in my city would say it was over done and attempt to reduce the number of flags.

And it was Saturday, relatively no traffic.

This was the last little country road that lead to my destination. I remember the first time I was down this road ... I couldn't help but wonder if I had taken a wrong turn, surely something this far removed from the main thoroughfare couldn't be successful. You need to have big signs, be located where passing customers can see you ...


I had arrived!!


  1. Thank goodness you get a break occasionally from care giving. How did you manage to take photos while driving? I have trouble taking photos when the husband is driving.

  2. You do know how to tell a story. I can't wait for tomorrow!

  3. aaa ... the taking pictures while driving issue ...

    How do I do it? Not all that well. First of all I hardly ever see what I am taking pictures of ... I put the camera up and just click away ... all the while looking around for other cars, for pedestrians and - for THE POLICE!

    I am quite sure when I do this it is illegal. If you can't talk on a cell phone or text while driving in my state ... you can't take pictures either, I am guessing.

    I mostly put the camera up and shoot away and hope that some come out well enough to use.

    Besides, I am a mom. Moms know how to multi-task!!! :-)

  4. "Oasis Day" says a lot about how much you could use a day away. Good for you!
    I am looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about the Mannings. I have been there, but it was a great number of years ago.

  5. Good for you for having a day just for you! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!

  6. Glad to hear you got out and had some fun on your own. A great drive out that way. We do it often.

  7. How exciting to get to sneak away to The Mannings. I have only heard wonderful things about that place. :) I think I've met the owners when they came to Stitches West a couple years ago.


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