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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let me introduce you to ...

... to Robert Hitcho
through his beautiful pictures.

Bob and I met through Tai Chi. He has a passion (and a talent) for photography that he pursues in retirement.

Recently Bob asked his Tai Chi friends for input on a few pictures he was submitting to a contest. Picking my favorites was exceedingly hard. I asked him if I could share his beautiful shots on my blog, and he gave his permission. These shots were taken a Centennial Park, in Columbia, Maryland.

Hope you enjoy the three I have picked for this posting. I will spread the joy by posting a few more later.

Thanks, Bob!


Just one more note:

My Tai Chi group was recently featured in a our local newspaper, the Columbia Flyer. Please check the link to see what a fantastic group of people they are.

As some of you know, I took Tai Chi for 2 years and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately I had to stop Tai Chi this past spring. The winter and spring were hard for mom and I, so I had to drop some activities. Tai Chi was one of them.

Not long after I stopped attending, they all moved on to Tai Chi with Sword - which was referenced in the news story.

Man, I sure wanted to own a sword ... there are days when having that sword would be useful!!



  1. Beautiful pictures, you'll have to let us know how he did in the contest.

  2. The pictures are all lovely but the water flower one is spectacular! He is very talented. So sorry you missed the swords! LOL, read the linked article - the words "Senior Citizens" sure doesn't have the connotation that fits sword wielding, Tai Chi practicing individuals!

  3. Beautiful pictures. My favorite if the one of the deer. They might be the same deer I've seen there!! : )

  4. Bob certainly has a talent, I wish him luck in the contest, he's got a winner in these. You'll get back to Tai Chi one day, I know it. You will have your own sword too.

  5. love the pictures! I'm with Noofy, you'll get back to Tai Chi one day and you'll have your own sword. :)


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