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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picking your brains

Question #1 - Has anyone ever tried to print out hard copies of their blog? I am interested in doing exactly this with my blog. I checked one site called Blog2Print. It seemed pretty expensive to me. One quote for printing out my blog entries and pictures only from July to December 2010 was for $85.00. This cost would produce a paperback bound book with no readers comments - just blog text and pictures. If I included readers' comments, it would have gone over $100. Now that I have a whole year behind me, the cost would be pretty expensive. I wasn't sure if someone had done this and found a more reasonable way of doing it. I am open to all suggestions - even a simple suggestion of doing some kind of a screen print on my computer.

Some may be wondering why I want to do this. I know this will date me in the eyes of some, but electronic copies of anything - my blog, my pictures ... anything - never feels like "real" copies to me. Since I have put a year of my life into this blog ... and anticipate doing many more years, I want to generate a hard copy. Does anyone else feel that way?

Question #2 - Do you know this face? Look closely. American citizens should know right off. Why yes, you are right. That is Benjamin Franklin - well, the German Steinbach Nutcracker version of old Ben.

I have a decent size collection of imported nutcrackers. I long ago stopped collecting them. And now I find as we are cleaning out and simplifying our living space, I no longer want to display them. At present I am creating a picture inventory of them and then packing the collection away. I have not decided yet if I will keep them or not. But I will not just give them away like I did with so much other stuff over the last year.

Now for the question: Are you aware of any sites that are good places to sell these kinds of collectibles should I decide to move them on to new homes. I have checked eBay ... not sure that is the right audience.


  1. I did the blog2print a while back. After some editing and keeping only what meant something to me I came in just under $15.00. However, since then I have done a lot of posting. I tend to save in documents the stories and poems just in case Blogger goes belly up some day. I would love to have a hard copy..even just pages to save in a binder. I guess I could print my document file but the pictures don't look so great that way. Let's hope some techie out there will come up with a solution for us.

  2. I used Blog2Print and broke my blog into quarters Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct -Dec. They were $50 each w/o comments. The next year, I used the .pdf ebook offer which was much less. Then I downloaded it to a DVD disk and have kept them that way, ever since. I know it's not a handheld book, but I think it keeps the flavor and energy of your blog with that 'live' feeling. It also saves a lot of space on my bookshelf!

  3. No, I have no desire to have a copy of my blog.
    In fact I'm still thinking of shredding all my journals.

    I would have suggested eBay.

  4. I think that is an awesome idea, but I have no idea where or how.

  5. Ok, I may not know what I'm talking about - but I may also be acutely clever so hang on in there. When you say 'print' is there a specific format you'd like to see it printed in ie just the text of the blog posts or do you want the comments also? And I'm presuming you want all the images etc too? Armed with answers to those questions I'll see what my incredibly tech savvy wife suggests. It may transpire that she can think of nothing but she's my first stop when I need to do anything on a computer.


  6. there must be other options than blog2print. do you have an antique store that you can maybe take the nutcrackers too?


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