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Friday, August 26, 2011

World's End - Day Before

I totally love big weather events!
I totally hate big weather chatter!

For those who may not be aware, the eastern coast of the United States has a pretty big hurricane traveling northward. The hurricane is not the strongest or most destructive, or even the biggest one to land on our shores. But hurricanes are less common here and so those who live on this coast are generally ill prepared for it.

It began this morning with a vengeance ... hurricane talk throughout all the media.

Alert, Alert, Alert
Pay Close Attention
The End of the World is coming.
Should arrive in your area about 4:00 pm tomorrow!

"Big storm."

"Massive and Deadly storm"

Storm of "historic proportions"

Evacuate now before it is too late.

Are you feeling any anxiety yet?

I am rather energized by big storms. And our risk factors are few. We don't live on the coast. We don't live in a flood zone. The eye of this storm appears to be staying off the coast. We could lose power, but even that happens rarely as all our lines are under ground. From the looks of the weather map, we should have tropical storm conditions only (unless Irene gets ornery and changes direction.)

So we will just hang out and hope that the impact of the hurricane isn't too great for anyone.

I will be back on World's End Day ... tomorrow! :-)


  1. I hope and pray for everyone in the way of the storm!

  2. Take care. Let's hope most of the hype is just the media looking for something to do.


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