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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Milo Moment

As most of you know, I proudly call 3 charming, cute, handsome and smart dogs, my grand-dogs!

Because you are reading my blog right this minute, please treat this moment as if you had asked me about my grand kids ... and I, like all good grandmas have pictures ready in my wallet ... and you like all good friends, politely and enthusiastically look at each one exclaiming appropriate "oooos" and "awwwws"

Be honest, don't you want to just kiss that face?

Today I want to spot light Milo. He is a French Bulldog - about 17 months old. He is the youngest of the 3. And of the 3 grand dogs, he is the one who is most "full of himself."

He is most happy when he has a stick in his mouth.

I mean to tell you ... a stick in his mouth is a ....




You only need to see the look in his eyes, the concentration, the focus, the determination (to get this stick into the house after his mama says "no"), to know that he ...





And he has been in dog-hog-heaven because Hurricane Irene left him a whole bunch of sticks outside.

And has a secret passion.

Cookies, all kinds.

But he especially loves vegetable cookies right from the table.

He is watching his figure, you know.

My other two grand dogs will be seen soon.


  1. Hard to say NO to that face.

  2. AWWWWW! He is adorable and look how he looks at you. Does he eat all those veggies?


  3. Aww, I love the Milo Moment!! He's too cute for words, and I just love how happy he is with his sticks. Such a cute post!

    Can't wait until the other two grand-dogs have their turn in the spotlight. :)

  4. So cute! And finally, someone has a reason to be happy about Irene!


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