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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oasis Day - Part 3: The Ride Home

The trip home was quiet and uneventful... with the threatening stormy weather holding off until I stepped into my home.

The peace of the trip home was a perfect time to spend with my thoughts.

I had perfect weather.
Overcast, not too hot, not too humid, light rain.
Thank you, Mother Nature.

The view out my car window was comfortable.
... the sights of country life and small town living
in Maryland and Pennsylvania have a settling feeling.

The Mannings Event was fun.
Visual Candy.
An Oasis in an otherwise busy and demanding life.

Time spent with family is emotional life-giving.

Seeing my cousin's finished spinning projects
in person, touching and squeezing each lovingly made skein of yarn
remarking how beautiful it looks against my clothing, my skin :-)
and unwilling giving it back ...
yes, it was wonderful.
So much better than seeing a picture on the blog.

Fiber labels Linda gave me to add to my own hand spun treasures
... a gentle reminder from her to keep spinning. :-)

Loved the finger foods and snacking
especially some tasty smoked salmon made by Susan's husband.
It was finished up with my dinner.

Loved the chatter of sharing
that totally filled the day from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
- it all slipped by in an instant.

Love buying three wonderful things: yarn, a pattern and book
... stuff that I absolutely did not need.
(pictures to follow in later post)

And waiting at home for me was my blog ...
a place to share my good day with you.

Love coming home to see my family after a short break.

Refreshed and ready to take on my life again. I had such a good time on this trip. It took me 3 blog days to share it all. Total Milage: 147.8.

Thank you for taking this trip with me through my blog!
Sharing it with you was like experiencing it all over again!!

And finally, the moment I got home, and got my stuff back in the house ... the skies opened up and dropped a flood of rain. I looked around and noticed that my daughter and Milo were not in the house ... they were on a walk - right - in a major downpour! I looked out the window and saw them running quickly across the water filled street, but totally totally soaked through and through. I met them at the door with towels.

Once wet Milo hit the air conditioned house, he took off running around the house like a crazy energizer bunny! Catching him to dry him off was a sprint for sure.

My day ended with laughter!

My daughter is the greatest! Thank you, sweatheart, for being here for your grandmother.


  1. Sounds like you timed your arrival just right.

  2. Sounds like a simple, but wonderful time and you arrived home just in the nick of time too.

  3. What a wonderful day with your cousins... capped off with a joyous homecoming!

  4. Perfect timing. So glad you had such an enjoyable day!!
    Once in a while it's fun to get caught in the rain like that. : )

  5. What a wonderful trip! I'd love to join you. Yes, I use to knit, but only as a beginner, never made anything other than "rows". This was 40 years ago. I probably could still pick it back up with a good teacher (wink, wink). Thanks for sharing your trip, I enjoyed every word.

  6. looks like you made it home just in the nick of time!


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