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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today: Rain, Rest, Random Thoughts

Rainy Day

Today is one of those gently rainy days and a good day to sit and knit. Don't know why, but rain is probably my favorite weather. And I love, love, love walking in the rain. There is something so settling about being alone with your thoughts and rain. Sort of like an envelope of privacy that buffers you from all distractions except the "white noise" of nature. Today will be a walk day for sure. And picture taking in the rain is more of a challenge. I probably don't have the camera to capture such quick moving objects - so when I do there is joy!

Rest Day

My husband celebrated his 65th Birthday yesterday. A big one for sure. We had a small dinner party for family and friends. No pictures this time - too busy with preparations. And sometimes the camera is not a welcome guest at a gathering. This was one of those times. My husband is not comfortable with pictures so Saturday was a day of rest for my wonderful camera. Happy Birthday dear husband.

And today ... I rest.

Random Thoughts

The desire to keep my hands busy with knitting seems to be returning slowly but consistently. Just like the canary in the mine shaft - the little bird that warns miners that there might be trouble with the air - knitting seems to be my little canary as to how I am doing from the inside out. The fact that this loved hobby is returning, the desire to sit and knit, the joy at producing a knitted project (even a simple hand towel) - all adds up to good signs for me. I am even thinking of getting my loom out! Before you know it the spinning wheel will be out too!! See, the desire is still there!

Today is a no-cook day! I love no-cook days. I love left overs! I love cooking for company, but I love eating left overs when company has gone. I had help getting the company dinner cleaned up last night (thank you dear daughter), so I didn't get to see inside my refrigerator until this morning when I looked for cream for my coffee. Wow! It was totally packed!! A rather startling sight without any caffeine! It will be like an archeological expedition day to see what is in the refrigerator. Love it!

Today will be a blog day. Need to catch up with all my blog friends. No sooner do I get my unread posts down to 10 or so, when I miss a day or two and I bounce up to 50 or 60 that are waiting. But I am not complaining. An hour or so of reconnecting with you is fun. I need to brainstorm future postings for my blog. I have developed a pattern of "brain storming" ideas, dropping them into draft posts for the future, and then, when I am in a writing mood - fleshing them out and posting. It works well and it take the pressure off each individual day to "write something".

Today is a good, good day!


  1. We've had the rain as peaceful.

  2. We need rain - it sounds like you had a great day!

  3. You got all the rain, it blew right past us. Most of our day was rain free, sadly. We need the rain. Happy 65 Birthday to your husband, best wishes for the next 65 birthdays! You enjoyed the perfect day, Funday Sunday, relaxing!

  4. Looks like the weather we had yesterday, probably today too. I do like to have some rainy days mixed in with the sunny. Variety is a good thing even with weather for me.

  5. I like rainy days every so often too. Very comforting somehow.

  6. Happy belated birthday to your husband! It sounds like you threw him a great party! I'm glad you enjoyed your rainy day leftovers! Julie

  7. i like rainy days too--but mostly on weekends. as a school teacher, rainy days aren't what one hopes for on a daily basis! ;)


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