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Thursday, August 4, 2011

X Marks the Spot - the Joliprint Spot

I found the exact post that explained the Joliprint options - Follow the X.

For those who care to wander through what is available for Blogspot, once at The Blog Designers Network site:
  • Select Tutorials.
  • Select Blogger.
  • Page down through numerous posts. Most of it involves actual coding changes - which I am not particularly interested in. But if you page down far enough you come to December 16, 2010, the date of the post on Joliprint. I thought their Joliprint tutorial was very good. And it is short - easy to follow. But the Joliprint site was easy to use as well. I am not technically skilled. If I can do it, everyone can do it.
When I have the time, I might see if there are any other blogger posts of interest to me.

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