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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where are my manners? Thank You.

A startling thing happened to me on Sunday!
So startling to my mind that I forgot my manners.
I failed to comment on it publicly and thank this blogger
for her most gracious nod in my direction.

I was asked by Doris Plaster to guest post on her blog called Hold My Hand. Doris is a social worker in a nursing home, and her blog postings are a reflection of her professional experiences presented in the form of touching short stories. I believe they also raise the awareness in readers to the issues of aging with snippets of perspective and understanding.

I "met" Doris this spring through an April A to Z Blogging Challenge. I was drawn to her blog for obvious reasons - I live with an aging mother. Recently she released a book that patterned her participation in that blog fest called Home Sweet Home: An A to Z collection of 50-word stories on aging and health care (Volume 1). I am waiting for my copy from Amazon as I write.

When I started the series of posts called Through My Care Giver Eyes, I never thought it would lead to guest posting on such an exceptional and well respected blog.

Doris, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. When I responded to your request (after I picked myself up off the floor), I said I was honored to guest post on your blog.

Honored from the bottom of my heart.

If you haven't yet visited Hold My Hand, please do so ... you won't be sorry.

Retired Knitter
Care Giver and Daughter


  1. So happy to hear that your perceptive and thoughtfully written series will have an even larger audience. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading "Through MY Care Giver Eyes", and look forward to reading more from you.

  2. I'm on my way over. Thanks for the link.

  3. I found "Hold My Hand" through your list and have really enjoyed reading it. Congratulations again!

  4. Hello, Elaine. I'm here from Doris' blog, and so glad to find you. Your writing is amazing, and I'm finding your story of your mom so compelling. I'll be back for more.

  5. what a special honor. :) congrats!


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