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Sunday, August 14, 2011

So what is on my needles

Its been awhile since I spotlighted my knitting and weaving.

And to my non-knitting readers ... don't click on to the next blog now. I am a knitter! It is in my heart and soul even thought I have been "off the wagon" for a bit. This is a major part of who I am. Stay with me as I show you what my hands have made.

I finally decided to tie in the ends on these hand towels and use them. I finished work on these early this year, but for some reason I never made the finishing step. They are no longer languishing in my craft room.

These are made from very fine cotton and knitted using two strands. They are currently housed in my guest bathroom.

I love using them. Can't understand why I didn't finish them off sooner.

Here is another hand towel I have finished this week. It is made from some very expensive cotton. I love the colors and the feel, but because I spent so much money on the two skeins, I held off using this yarn. I felt like I should make something to wear, but the right pattern never evolved.

So I made a hand towel for the kitchen and I am working on a matching dish cloth. And I am happy I have used it for these projects. I will see it far more often in the kitchen than I ever would see it hanging in my closet.

Another important element of this picture is the needle. I am using regular old straight needles ... made of metal ... and pretty unexciting to the ignorant eye!

The needles belonged to my grandmother. They weren't expensive or trendy, but they are the most special thing in the picture.

And then there are the socks!

There were 2 years in the past when I made nothing but socks (over 20 pairs if I remember correctly). Now I can't seem to get even one pair off the needles. These lovely green socks will be ready for fall! I am working on the second sock and I will wear it this winter with its mate ... even if I have to wear them with the knitting needles still attached.

I will!!

And finally, my weaving.

I am still making the Weave It squares with my little Weave It loom. They are my go-to project when I am really off my game (which has been a lot lately).

Weave It weaving seems to have caught on with my Tuesday morning knitting group! There are 3 of us now working on these little looms.

And someday I will have a beautiful blanket to show like my friend HappyOne:-).

I have a sweater on my needles as well. But the last time I worked on it was mid-2010. So it doesn't count.

My projects these days are simple. In 2009, I made multiple sweaters, many with intricate patterns. Something happened in 2010 to my knitting mo-jo ... and I am fighting hard to get it back. These simple projects are moving me back to where I need to be.

After all, I have 30 years worth of yarn sitting in my basement. Each and every skein wants my attention! And my hands are eager to knit ... getting my brain in gear is a challenge.


  1. I love the colours in those squares.....I am a big fan of orange and other fall colours.

  2. I LOVE those hand towels, think there are some of those in my future! Very glad to see you are knitting again...hope to see you soon!

  3. Love seeing pictures of your knitting and weaving. Hoping soon to see pictures that include what is on your Harp and some spinning! (nudge nudge nudge - LOL) Now that I have my pocket wheel it will be much easier to do a spinning visit!

  4. I love each and every project! Thanks for sharing. The colors are wonderful.

  5. It is such a good variety of projects. Very nice work!

  6. Yarn projects can be stress relievers, good things to take along to medical waiting rooms, to work on during TV commercials, to pick up and do some on after lying awake in bed waiting in vain for sleep to come--it's quiet and doesn't bother anybody else--when I had people living with me, I'd feel like getting up and playing the piano, for example, but instead I always had something in yarn to work on. I always take it with me when I go visiting, too, for the odd sleepless night.
    Your work is beautiful and shows that you are very skilled with the needles.

  7. All your projects are beautiful. I'm glad I get to see them in person.
    See you tomorrow at knitting. : )

  8. nothing wrong with simple projects! i, too, found myself searching for simplicity to help bring me back to my old knitting self. :)


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