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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do ...
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Monday, August 22, 2011


I am a creature of habit!

My breakfast ... always the same.
My bedtime ... midnight!!

Wearing pajamas until noon - a developing bad habit, sadly. :-)

Coffee with cream and sweetener in the morning
- the rest of the day
- black.

A glass of wine (red, never white) while I cook dinner.
If I make dinner in a crock pot at 9:00 am ...
is that too early for wine?

Listening to pod casts when I drive, walk, and clean.

Sharing pieces of my apple with Milo on the car ride back to grandma's every Thursday.

Cleaning my house when I am upset.
(I need to be upset more often!)

Cheese and Crackers before I go to bed.

Watching the news while cooking dinner.
(The news can make you want to drink!)


Something sweet after lunch and dinner.

Potato chips must have dip!

Pretzels must have dip!


Why do most of my habits center around food?

Making soup or stew or chili on a snowy day.

Drinking a hot-toddy when I have a cold.

Playing Words With Friends before going to sleep
before breakfast
while eating lunch
while watching TV
(Is there an addiction here?)
(Is there another addict out there?)
(Is there an addict who wants to play with me out there?)
(Can you launch a game with me? I am retired knitter there too.)

Playing iPad games of all sorts.
(I can blame that habit on Steve Jobs.)

Habits I should develop!
I am retired!


  1. That's right, no habits need to be are retired, you deserve the indulging. Save me a glass of wine! :-))

    (((( hugs )))))


  2. The joys of being retired..bedtime when you feel like it, getting dressed when you feel like it, wine when you feel like it....just a word though, fight down those urges to cream works just as well as cleaning when you are upset.

  3. Food is a powerful force. Naturally, you'd center your day around it. I do!
    Loved your writing from Doris' blog. You are a good and kind daughter. Blessings to you.

  4. Hi Elaine .. food is the stave of life - wine too ... and you need to keep hubby going as well ..

    ipad - you're way ahead of the game .. now a retired knitter app - would be fun ...

    Habits you should develop - just keep doing what you're presently doing .. will keep the doctors away ..

    Good to meet you - your snack breakfast, midnight feast or lunch looks rather delicious .. cheers Hilary

  5. Very nice way to get to know you better. I've never even heard of Words With Friends...must go look it up.

  6. Your breakfast looks yummy. It is a pleasure to read about your routines. I am also in the 'drink red wine while I am cooking dinner' club. Never thought about the option of wine in the morning when I get the crock pot ready. Hmmm...

  7. Nice to hear your schedule - wish I had a day or two like that!

  8. Make changes if you want to, do what makes you happy, life is too short to worry about the small stuff, uncork no wine before its time....dip!

  9. I love them all specially your breakfast photo

    I also clean the house while upset


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