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Monday, August 2, 2010

Aggie (Agatha) has been born!!

So here she is! Agatha was born this morning. That "spring-y thing-y" (known to spinners as a tension spring - pictured below) that was giving me so much trouble just finally fell into place and then everything else seemed to follow logically.

And the wheel actually spins!! Too funny saying that, but I just was surprised when I had all the pieces in place and I pushed on the pedals and it moved the wheel and the wheel moved the thing-y with all the hooks (OK, I am still learning the terminology). It made me smile.

The green bag beside the wheel is specially designed to hold the spinning wheel when it is folded down. It has various pockets designed to hold pieces of the wheel when it is folded. It is padded and molded inside to hold the wheel snugly.

So I am still oiling and adjusting and reading up on what I need to have a "happy and healthy" Aggie. I am please so far with this spinning wheel.

Total steps: 4421 (pathetic - need to do better)


  1. She looks beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you spin.

  2. Aggie is beautiful! Great job getting her all together. I can't wait to see meet her in person and Check out that clever bag that you got with her. So have you tried any fiber yet???


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